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A New Look for Thomas is the first episode of Season 2 of Trainboy54's series to have ever hit Youtube, "TOMY/Trackmaster T&F".

Episode Summary

Thomas has been sent to the Sodor Steamworks for a new look. Starring Trainboy54 TheSodorSteamworks as Victor and ThompsOnline3 as the narrator.

Episode Plot

It is a nice day at Tidmouth Sheds, as both the engines, Thomas, Percy, James, Toby and Spencer are awaiting work, as The Fat Controller or Sir Topham Hatt as he is known as arrives to Tidmouth Sheds, telling they will be doing their usual jobs but Thomas is ordered by Sir Topham Hatt to go to the Sodor Steamworks for a brand new coat of paint, and he tells Thomas before he goes there, that there is a Photographer whom is waiting for Thomas at Knapford Station and he tells Thomas he must go there to see him, Thomas follows Sir Topham Hatt's advise, Thomas leaves Tidmouth Sheds to Knapford Station to meet the Photographer,

Meanwhile the Photographer is waiting for him, as Thomas stops outside the Station as the Photographer takes any shots to send to (I wouldn't just tell you yet in the story not to spoil the hopes) he also gets ready to tell Thomas he may go to the Sodor Steamworks, Thomas gets puzzled that he thinks that the images will take long but his Driver laughs, but tells him that they email it to the Steamworks, Thomas is amazed to hear it from his driver meaning it thinking Thomas thought it might have taken years days weeks or months or more, Thomas goes on the way to the Steamworks,

As Thomas arrives at the Sodor Steamworks, Victor and Kevin are awaiting for him, Victor tells Thomas if he is here for the new coat of paint, as Thomas replies, "Yes Victor I shore am." he tells Thomas that somebody special Is waiting for Thomas, and Thomas follows into the Steamworks,

Then they stop, as Victor introduces him it is Trainboy54 also (the Director of the show) who also has questions for him and what new paint he wants, as Thomas is surprised as he asked how his life was, Thomas is amazed to see Trainboy54, before he is about to give him a new coat of paint that he has something he want's to know, he tells Thomas about the Photo from the morning the Photographer took of Thomas at Knapford, he tells that Alan the Photographer made four copies of them, he tells Thomas that he made four different kind of color's he tells to Thomas which one is best, and if he loves it he will give Thomas those sets of colors but if no then it's a Darn by Trainboy54 and no new coat of paint for Thomas, Thomas suggests it's fine by him, he also wants to have a look at them, Trainboy54 takes Thomas with him, Victor wishes him good luck,

As Thomas is in the paint shop, Trainboy54 starts to show him the same image as we last saw of Thomas in Goth form in Gothic Black from Thomas' Bad Luck paint as Trainboy54 prognoses it, Thomas remembers the Gothic Black Livery, meaning it reminded him of the Bad Luck he had and almost Vanessa that he thought would have gone angry, but she forgiven him in the end, he tells he didn't like how the Engines told him how he went Goth, and Vanessa told Thomas it reminded her of the time both she and Candace had their clothes switched by mistake and that it made Thomas laugh, Trainboy54 thinks it's ok and move onto the next one, he shows him the second one, Plain Dark Red, Thomas finds the livery interesting, he tells Trainboy54 if he and James looked alike then they would both be red engines, meaning like a Red Tail, but Thomas prefers his color blue, Trainboy54 understands this and moves onto the third one, he shows Thomas, Sunshine Gold livery and if Youtube viewers called him "Goldie", Thomas is surprised at this and how exciting it is, he tells if he was Gold he would be like a Treasure Engine, but if the Viewers and the Engines and everybody calls him "Goldie" then he wouldn't be the Thomas as of before and a very different engine, Trainboy54 shows Thomas the very last picture of it, Thomas soon gets surprised, as Trainboy54 say's "Stars Spangled Banners Red White and Blue," knowing he might love this livery, saying it goes well with the New Shape, and Thomas loves the livery, and that he likes the Stars and Banners and that, he tells Trainboy54 he wouldn't mind being in that livery after all, Trainboy54 agrees and he will paint Thomas these kind of colors, and if he liked he would leave his number plate on Thomas,

Later Victor, and the gathered, Duck, Henry, Toby, Hiro, Gordon, Emily, Edward, Spencer, Percy and James, are all waiting for Thomas, as he puffs out of the Steamworks, now in a USA Flag Yankie livery and a whole brand new face, both the engines think Thomas looks so smart too, Thomas tells the other engines he will be keeping this livery and he is proud to be like this for the month of the 4th of July, However Thomas is going to the other railway to show his new looks, and at the end a Yankie Doodle song plays,


For a full transcript of A New Look for Thomas, click here.


  • This is the only time that ThompsOnline3 was the narrator, this was because Trainboy54 was having to act during the episode as the main man at the Sodor Steamworks,
  • This is the first time that Trainboy54 showed himself on screen,



  • Trainboy54 as Thomas, Sir Topham Hatt,/ The Fat Controller, Thomas's Driver, Alan the Photographer, and Himself (The Real Trainboy54)
  • TheSodorSteamworks as Victor
  • ThompsOnline3 as the Narrator,
  • Percy (Does not Speak)
  • James (Does not Speak)
  • Toby (Does not Speak)
  • Spencer (Does not Speak)
  • Kevin (Does not Speak)
  • Duck (Does not Speak)
  • Henry (Does not Speak)
  • Hiro (Does not Speak)
  • Gordon (Does not Speak)
  • Emily (Does not Speak)
  • Edward (Does not Speak)
  • Vanessa (seen in intro but mentioned)
  • Candace (Mentioned only)