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Date for Two is the second episode and a two part story to Season 2 to Trainboy54's series to have ever hit YouTube, "TOMY/Trackmaster T&F".

Episode Summery

Stacy the Stirling Single arrives on Sodor, Percy falls and wants to get a date with her. But Sir Topham Hatt wants him to test the new station after delivering the mail. Percy and Stacy talk each other about their lives while doing the mail run, as Percy forgets to go to the new station, So he left the mail train with Stacy. Spencer is already at the new station with Sir Topham Hatt when Percy got there. Percy crashed into the siding. Sir Topham Hatt asked what was he meaning of this. Percy truth is revealed. But it was putten wright at the end. Percy had the best date with Stacy ever, starring ilovetrains323 as Stacy,

Episode Plot

Part 1

As all the engines work hard on the Island of Sodor look forward to new arrivals, oneday at the Sodor Steamworks, but now Thomas is on the other railway showing his new paintwork, Percy and Victor are talking as Hiro arrives at the Sodor Steamworks to tell Percy the good news that a new engine is set to arrive, Percy is happy to see Hiro as he tells Percy and Victor that someone very special has arrived on the Island of Sodor, as Percy gets puzzled to hear this, Hiro mentions of the newest member of the Island, Stacy Hirano a new Stirling Single Engine has arrived, Victor never heard of Stacy, Percy asks Hiro what is special about her, and that she came from Danville, and mentions that Phineas told Hiro that she is a best friend of Candace Flynn, Hiro asks Percy that he should see her at Knapford, because maybe she is special and kind, as Hiro puffs away, Percy decides to go see the new engine as he goes to Knapford Station to see the new visitor,

As Percy finds the Mail Cars waiting for him at Knapford, he realizes that they are ready, and soon he was switched tracks and coupled to his Mail Cars, then a visitor comes in to see Percy, as Stacy Hirano cuffs in, and she is the new Great Northern Railway Stirling Single, 4-4-2 engine arrives, as GNR would be told later the GNR would be LNER as I would say, Stacy is a lovely girl with a soft voice and a kind personality, she has come all the way from Danville to see the Island, as Percy looks at her for the first time, he realized she was the same size of Emily was and her paintwork was very different, as Stacy speaks in a kind soft voice to Percy and meets him for the first time she asks if he is Percy, and he say's that he is, she tells Percy if Candace is around, and that Percy tells Stacy yes that she is, Stacy tells Percy she treats Phineas and Ferb nicely and participates and she admires their activity's, as Percy is surprised, and wishes Thomas would meet Stacy but despite him on the other railway showing his new look to the other engines, as The Fat Controller or Sir Topham Hatt as he is known arrives, and tells Percy he has a very Special Special for him, and that his is to make one stop today with his Mail Cars at the new station which is Lower Tidmouth, and he could make up time afterwards, he is thankful but asks why Edward couldn't do it, but Sir Topham Hatt tells him he has to do as he is told, so with that point taken Percy had to follow The Fat Controller's advise, as Stacy feeling sorry for Percy tells him he has the mail to deliver and that the new station is a couple of hours away, then an idea flows into Percy's funnel and he makes a plan, and he decides to take Stacy with him as he doesn't want the mail to be late, and they went on the first stop leaving Knapford to deliver the mail as Stacy follows,

Their first stop is the Sodor Steamworks, really Percy was only showing Stacy around, as he say's "hi" to Victor, he is proud to see him, and Percy introduces Stacy to Victor, she tells Victor she came from Danville in the Tri-State Area, as Victor is very pleased and tells her it is an honor to have her see the Steamworks,

Later Percy and Stacy puff along the mainline to the next stop which is the Farm, and along the way, Percy and Stacy talk about their lives, he asks Stacy when does Candace need her, she tells she is always their for Candace whenever she needs help, and that she gave Candace advise what clothes to wear for the singing contest, and that she also helped Candace face her stage fright and telling her she was a fighter and not a quitter, Percy amazed of Stacy says she is a tough woman, Stacy also asks Percy when did he arrive on Sodor, telling back then, a long time ago, both Henry, Gordon and James where shut up in their sheds because they where naughty for having Tender Engine business about not wanting to shunt trucks in yards, and that Tender Engines where important to pull passenger trains, and that Sir Topham Hatt showed Percy how to work hard with Thomas and Edward, as Stacy is happy to say that it was helpful of Percy, he is happy what Stacy has said, then at last Percy and Stacy arrive at the Farm,

Part 2

As Stacy tells Percy that he will need to go to the new station that Sir Topham Hatt wanted him to go to, as Percy gasps at what Stacy said to him, as Percy tries to make an excuse as he could, Percy tells Stacy that they have plenty of time, as they leave the Farm and set off to the next stop,

They puff along the line together, also they pass some engines in a siding, and pass the yards where fright cars are, and then they arrive at a Station and later to a junction for a rest, and they was a lot of trucks, then they hear a whistle and it is Spencer as he steamed gradually past Percy and Stacy, and aboard as Percy didn't know this he is taking Sir Topham Hatt to Lower Tidmouth, as Percy gasps realizing he is going to be late, Percy departs but accidentally leaves his Mail Cars with Stacy behind, Stacy tries to call out for him, telling him he left his Mail Cars behind, but unfortunately due to Percy being in a rush to get to Lower Tidmouth he didn't hear Stacy call him back,

Later on there is trouble as just up ahead at Lower Tidmouth, Spencer and Sir Topham Hatt where already their waiting for him, Percy realizing he is late realizing he is in trouble now, something worse occurs with Percy, Percy's Driver and Fireman try to apply his breaks but are jammed, as the Fireman reduces Steam, Percy wheezed past Spencer and coming into a siding at full speed, as he shouts "LOOK OUT!" to The Fat Controller and Spencer, both Sir Topham Hatt and Spencer witness this and realizing that he may crash into them causing an huge accident, Percy runs into the siding and screams in horror and shuts his eyes and crashes and derails off the track, Percy lied Dazed and Surprised, Spencer tells Percy he was wondering when he would surprise him, as The Fat Controller or Sir Topham Hatt is very cross wondering when he would have arrived, he is not happy as he tells him he was to make a quick stop at Lower Tidmouth to test it out, as Percy tells him he is here now, Sir Topham Hatt does now know he has arrived but wonders where the Mail Cars are and that he left them, and also saying where Stacy was, Percy is shocked as he tries to tell him, just as Stacy arrives in Stacy puffs up, carrying the Mail Cars, Percy left behind, Stacy tells she is here and she has his Mail Cars he left behind, as Percy feels terrible Percy realized engines where to do as they where told and mentions he would test his new station but hanged out too much with Stacy and doing too much time on his date, however Percy is right, he developed feelings for Stacy and has a crush on her, he tells he should have been really useful, Stacy understanding how Percy feels for her, she returns his feelings and she didn't know it was really a date now that she understands how he feels, she asks why he didn't tell her that, saying that if it was sad if it wasn't a date then he would have taken Stacy somewhere special, Sir Topham Hatt understanding this, tells him it was quite thoughtful of him to do a kind thing for her but tells him he should have followed orders being a Really Useful Engine, Stacy whom cares for Percy asks Sir Topham Hatt if she would be kind enough to take him to the Steamworks to be fixed up, and that he and her will meet him back here at Lower Tidmouth for the Grand Opening, as Sir Topham Hatt agrees to this Percy is taken to the Steamworks,

And it wasn't as long as Percy was all good as new and he and Stacy now together return to the new station at Lower Tidmouth for a second official opening, they arrive and chuff in to the station, and arrive together, the Passengers clapped and cheered for them as they pull in, and Sir Topham Hatt speaks to Percy, and Sir Topham Hatt tells him his first date with Stacy is at Lower Tidmouth station, and if they mean anything special he tells that they can ask Spencer, and he would be around to be at their service, Percy thanks Sir Topham Hatt, and Stacy now his girlfriend, she also thanks him and tells Percy that he is a special friend she could have, Percy blushes and turns red and feels happy, at the end Percy and Stacy enjoy a date (as a song from Barney and Friends called "Just Imagine" plays) Percy and Stacy puff together along the line on their first date together, and also that Percy and Stacy are riding a balloon to the moon, and that they would build a Castle and by playing pretend, and might even explore with the big dinosaurs, or make rainbows that never rain, Stacy in a chef clothing and Percy as detective, and that they should imagine all the places Percy and Stacy together would go, Percy and Stacy looking on a starry night, also paying in a farm with sheep and horses also Percy being a Wooley Bear, and having fun with Stacy who loves his fun, Thomas only in the music video sings too, as Percy and Stacy sing together on their date, playing silly faces and pulling looks, and also having a drink together, Percy liking Stacy rollerblading, Percy playing Violin, and going through the forrest together, now Percy and Stacy are boyfriend and girlfriend for the rest of their lives,


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  • This was the first time that Percy fell in love with someone,
  • Stacy also may have felt the same as Percy since both have the same personality,
  • The song at the end is called "Just Imagine" from Barney and Friends which played as Percy and Stacy where on their first date together,
  • Even though Thomas was mentioned in this episode he was in the introduction and as well the music video for unknown resins since he was on the other railway in England,
  • Rosie can be seen in the background with just her cab and coal bunker, next to Emily and Toby, who wouldn't know of Rosie until New Friends for Percy.
  • When Stacy talks about her earlier life in Danville her human form is seen in her past, but since she is an engine,
  • This was the first time that Ilovetrains323 portrayed as Stacy,
  • Like Emily in the same design, Stacy was a GNR Stirling Single class engine,


Stacy's basis for the film,



  • TheSodorSteamworks as Percy, and Victor,
  • Ilovetrains323 as Stacy
  • Trainboy54 as Hiro, Spencer, The Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt, and the Narrator,
  • Thomas (Mentioned but seen in intro and music video)
  • Vanessa (Seen in Intro only)
  • Unidentified Blue Engine (seen in intro only)
  • Candace (Mentioned but seen in Intro and seen in flashbacks of Stacy's memories,)
  • Annie and Clarabelle (seen in intro)
  • Gordon (Cammo also seen in flashback's of Percy's past)
  • Kevin (Cammo)
  • James (seen in flashbacks of Percy's past also seen in intro)
  • Henry (seen in flashbacks of Percy's past also seen in intro)
  • Emily (Cammo)
  • Toby (Cammo)
  • Rosie (Cammo)
  • Scruffey (Cammo)