Ackley Attack Wiki

Narrator: It was a very peaceful day on the Island of Sodor. Well, not as peaceful as this...

(Oliver and Toad are being pushed/pulled by some troublesome trucks)

Oliver: Help!

(They crash into a heap off of the track)

Narrator: What wasn't so peaceful, is that Oliver just crashed. And it was all thanks to S.C.Ruffy.

S.C.Ruffy: Soon this railway will be ours. (Laughs evily)

Narrator: But it wasn't just Oliver that crashed. Bill and Ben crashed into Gordon when they were going backwards and they didn't even see Gordon at all. Even Neville crashed into the suspenshen brige while it was being repaired. Thomas, Percy, James and Henry were at the sheds talking about why were the engines crashing.

Thomas: This is a disater. All trains are being delayed because lots of trains are crashing and breaking down.

James: Well look on the bright side Thomas. We still have Duck, Toby and Aruther left.

Henry: Yeah. What could possibly go worng?

Aurther: Oh no! I'm going to crash! (Aurther crashes into the draw brige) Oh! Ow! That hurt.

Percy: That was what's going worng Henry. That's why the engines keep crashing.

(Sir Tophen Hatt comes out of nowhere.)

STH: Hey everybody.

Thomas: Uh, sir, what was THAT?!

STH: Well, since this is the 1st episode, I was thinking of doing a catchprase everytime I come to the sheds. So what do think of 'Hey Everybody'?

Thomas: Well, it's been done.

STH: Aw! Dang it! Well, anyways since there are lots of engines crashing, I just need to get a new engine all of them back onto the rails.

James: Uh, question, how is the engine going to get all the engines back onto the rails?

STH: Good question James. How is the new engine going to get all the engines back to the rails? Well that's because I'll be ordering the new engine with a crane arm. And in fact that's what I'm going to do right now.

Narrator: Sir Tophen Hatt was soon on his way to the workshop. But, the railway was still not going well.

(Toby falls off of the stone brige while trying to get over it.)

Oilver: I hope someone rescues me soon. Or else I'm going I'm going to be stuck with S.C.Ruffy forever.

Narrator: The next day, Thomas and James was off to meet the new engine, while Percy and Henry dose there work. The new engine had a crane arm, a name painted on his sides, and a number 27 on his arm. James was amazed and Thomas was surprised.

STH: Thomas, James, I'd like for you to meet Harvey the crane engine. I brought him here to help get engines back on the rails.

James: Hi Harvey. Pleased to meet you. I'm James, the mixed traffic engine.

Thomas: And I'm Thomas. Welcome to the Island of Sodor.

Harvey: Thanks. Pleased to meet you.

James: Hold on a sec, why dose your voice sound much like Patrick?

Harvey: Because, I was born with that voice. Duh!

STH: Now, Harvey I have lots of jobs for you. 1st, you must get Oliver, Toad and the trucks back on to the rails. Then you also need to get Gordon, Bill Ben and the express back on to the rails aswell. Then, you need to get Neville off of the supenshun briege, and Aurther off of the bridge where the boats go across. And you must get Toby off of the acrched stone bridge.

Harvey: Yes sir. (Puffs away to do as he is told.)

Narrtor: Harvey soon found Oliver still being derailed. 1st he started getting Toad back on to the rails. Harvey soon got Toad back onto the rails. Then he began pulling the freight cars back to the rails. Harvey began putting the freight cars on the rails one by one. It was a lot of hard work. But soon Harvey got the final truck back onto the rails. Then he began getting Oliver back onto the rails. Oliver was a very heavey engine, but Havery tried his best. But soon, Harvey got Oliver back onto the rails. Next he got Gordon, Bill and Ben back onto the rails. Next, he got Neville off of the bridge. Then, he got Aruther off of the lighthouse bridge. And finally, he got Toby off of the stone bridge. Soon all the trians were running again.

(Bill and Ben go by with a qarry train.)

Narrtor: That evening, Sir Tophen Hatt came to see Harvey.

STH: Today Harvey, you have been a really useful engine.

Harvey: Thank you sir. It's great to be on sodor.