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List of controversies that happened in "Family Movie Collaboration."

Ackleyattack4427 vs. LionelThomas200 (King of the Railway Review)

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    On December 27, 2016, the 16th episode of "Family Movie Collaboration" was released with the review on the Thomas & Friends movie, "King of the Railway." In that episode, Ben did an incredible mocking of a YouTuber in the Thomas community, LionelThomas200. The episode catches strong that around January of 2017, z Mark Anthony did a zWatches episode on that review with his closing thoughts being that he thinks that it's pretty good and encouraged his fans to subscribe to Ben and let him continue with his reviews. But however, just hours after the zWatches episode was posted, LionelThomas200 responded extremely negative to the episode because of Ben mocking him, thinking he made up lies of porn, doing drugs, abusing animals, and using his property without his permission despite the fact it's protected under fair use. What ended up happening is that he took to his Deviantart page and posted a screenshot of the review and wrote in a death threat to Ben that he would murder him if he ever meet up with him in real life, and not to mention, stating that he would take the review down under his name. As an added note, he wanted all of his supporters to join alongside him to go against with what Ben did to him. But the reactions to that in the comments on that post was the complete opposite with comments calling him out for LionelThomas200 for being an a-hole and him attacking Ben because of the death threat he inserted in the description, but LionelThomas200 keeps on replying to each comment treating the people against him like dirt. At the same time, he posted a video on his YouTube channel called, "AckleyAttack4427 go kill yourself!" with clips from the review itself with inserted memes into the review itself instead of LionelThomas200 himself in front of the camera calling out to Ben in the form of another vlog video on his channel. The reactions, like his post on Deviantart, were extremely negative. Almost 24 hours later, the video was removed from his channel until it was reposted 4 times by 4 users, including z Mark Anthony under his gaming channel. As of now, the controversy is still going on and Ben stated that even though LionelThomas200 is still gonna treat him like crap, he will not take down the review because what LT200 is doing is illegal and will completely harm his YouTube channel. And even if he did, it will lead to an uprising against LionelThomas200 and will ultimately get his channel terminated. And will continue on when he reboots his channel as LionelThomas300, which will come at any moment.