Heinz in Trouble opening

Heinz in Trouble is the second episode of Season 4 of "TOMY/Trackmaster T&F". James is to show Heinz, the new engine to Sodor, how to shunt trucks, but Heinz pretends that he already knows how to.

Episode Summary

James is asked to show Heinz, the evil scientist from the Tri-state area, how to shunt trucks, but Heinz pretends to show off and says he already knows how to shunt trucks, he is given a line of cars to pull, and he begins to have trouble on moving them, but then, he pulls them so hard, the coupling breaks off, and soon Heinz is losing control, but luckily, James is able to stop him, Sir Topham Hatt asked what was going on, and Heinz explained everything, and soon learned his lesson about freight cars.


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Memorable Quotes

"I love the Fireside Girls"


"Ah hello James!"

-Heinz's first ever line

"Forwards! Backwards! Reverse! ReReverse!"



-Heinz losing control

"Uh oh..."


"...I was trying to show James how well I can handle trucks, but, I don't know anything about trucks at all, I'm really sorry, I'm really sorry James."


"You have a lot to learn about freight cars Heinz, after shunting them for a week or two, you'll know almost as much about them as James, then you'll be a really useful engine."

-Sir Topham Hatt


  • A giant hand comes on screen god knows how many times.
  • During one shot of Heinz losing control with James chasing after him, Neville can be seen in the background not on any rails.
  • In a shot of the junctions, James can be seen in the background, not moving at all.
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