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James the Red Engine

James the Red Engine is a mixed traffic engine who can pull both passengers and freight cars who lives on the Island of Sodor. His two friends, Gordon and Henry usually help each other out for when there are having trouble. His first appearance in "Thomas & Friends: Island of Sodor Adventures" is Thomas Helps Out. He will be voiced by SamTheThomasFan1.

Early Life

  • James was introduced to Sodor when he was in trouble by the Troublesome Trucks and crashed into a cow field and ruined his paint work. After the accident, he was rescued by Thomas.
  • James was having trouble with passenger trains, so after handling a freight trains, Sir Topham Hatt decided to keep his red paint. But, after that, he fianlly can handle passenger trains.
  • He was run away by the Troublesome Trucks again, but this time, crashing into a train of tar wagons covered with tar after the crash. After that, he has been cleaned after the tar was sticked onto his red paint and was back to work after showing off his red paint and making fun with Toby.

Present Life

  • James now works with the other engines near and far from Tidmouth Sheds with the other engines, like Thomas, Percy, Edward, Gordon, Henry, and Emily.
  • He can still pull both freight cars and passengers lie he usually do everyday.
  • He is still best friends with Gordon and Henry. He still works with them when they are ill or too tired to work.


Physical Appearance

James is a Southern Railway N class that works on Mid Hants Railway. He is painted red with yellow stripes on his boiler. He has been given a number 5 painted on both sides of his tender. Sometimes, like Duck, he can cause trouble from doing his work.








James and Duck planning there April Fools prank.

Thomas and James resting at Knapford Station

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