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James and the New Engine is the fifth and last episode of Season 1 of Trainboy54's series to have ever hit Youtube, "TOMY/Trackmaster T&F".

Episode Summary

Candace the new Hogwarts express engine arrives on Sodor, James however wants to do something special for her. He plans to welcome to Sodor party for her at Tidmouth Sheds. being the first time that TompsOnline3 portrays as Candace.

Episode Plot

It is a special day on the Island of Sodor, and a very special exciting day for them, as Duck chuffs along with a goods train, at Knapford Station Terminus, Thomas, Percy, James and Vanessa are summoned to await a new visitor to Sodor, and are going to be excited to meet the new engine, The Fat Controller or Sir Topham Hatt tells them its a good morning and why he summoned them here was to introduce them to a new visitor to Sodor, and they must make the engine a big welcome, as he sees it coming down the line into Knapford, it is Phineas's sister, Candace Flynn, a GWR 4900 Class hall number 5972 whom is the newest member of the Island came all the way from Danville, also was used for Harry Potter films, she arrives at Knapford, as Candace says "Hi I'm Candace," to the engines and Vanessa is first to say "hi", Candace is pleased to see her best friend from the Tri-State Area, as she wonders how Vanessa is doing, also Thomas introduces himself to her, also Percy introduces himself to her and also to James, Candace wonders what is the matter with James, saying if she is aright, Thomas asks if he is listening, James wakes up from his day dreaming meaning he lost focus, James tells her he likes her paintwork, Candace feels happy with what he said, Sir Topham Hatt welcomes her to Sodor, and first she is to go to the Sodor Steamworks, and that Victor will make her a special welcome and that she should come right back to Knapford and she will have a long rest after her journey, Candace agrees, and she hurries away to the Steamworks, and Sir Topham Hatt orders Thomas, Vanessa, Percy and James to their duty, Thomas is to work on his Branchline at Ffarquhar, Percy Is to deliver the Mail Train, Vanessa is to help Diesel shunt trucks at Brendam Docks, as for James can have a day off, but he doesn't reply, as Thomas and Percy leave Knapford to do just their jobs, Vanessa asks James if anything is wrong so she decides to find out why that is, he tells her that it's Candace that she is new and he doesn't know what to do about her, Vanessa doesn't know and tells James why doesn't he help Candace out as Vanessa hurries to Brendam Docks, just James is at Knapford and puffs slowly away, he suggests to himself that Victor can help,

Later as James arrives at the Sodor Steamworks, he meets Victor their, Victor asks if their is anything to help, and that it is Candace the new engine, asking Victor if he has seen her, Victor tells James he has seen her and gave her a big welcome and that why he asked, James tells Victor he has thoughts about her, meaning he doesn't know how to make her feel special asking if Victor has any ideas, Victor doesn't know but tells him Thomas once discovered Hiro, and James remembers that, as Victor says how they planed a welcome party for Hiro, and suggests that the welcome party be suggested for someone else, James has the idea, he tells Victor he is the best and it's what James should do, Candace should feel special, so he hurries to find Sir Topham Hatt,

He arrives at Knapford Station, where The Fat Controller was, so James tells Sir Topham Hatt what Victor told James, as Sir Topham Hatt loves the idea, meaning he hadn't thought of it that way before Candace got their, he orders James that all the engines including Victor must come to Tidmouth Sheds right away, and when Candace will arrive at Knapford, after James will get their meaning after James will finish his jobs as quick as he can, as James tells first, Thomas and Percy, Vanessa, Victor, Duck, Toby, Spencer, Diesel, and the others as he was doing his jobs as quick as possible, as the (James the Really Splendid Engine) is heard while James is doing his work, all day he does his work on time,

Meanwhile at Tidmouth Sheds, all the engines, both Thomas, Percy, Vanessa, Toby, Duck, Spencer, Emily, Victor, Phineas and Ferb, Diesel, and Hiro, have arrived, as Phineas cannot wait to meet her sister, as Candace puffed into the yard, she asks James until she sees all the engines cheering in a chorus of cheers and whistles, as James replies "Surprise" to Candace, as Sir Topham Hatt tells her it was a surprise, as Candace asks her what it is, meaning it is a welcome to Sodor party, as it is specially for her, as James planned it out by himself, as The Fat Controller and the other engine also helped, also saying she is the newest friend James has ever had, Candace is happy for James, as James blushes and turns to deep shade of red, James asks Candace if she would like to be a good friend with her, she agrees to James and says Yes she will, as all cheers and whistles blow thought the island from all the engines, Candace is now the newest member to the Island of Sodor,


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  • James,
  • Vanessa,
  • Candace
  • The Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Duck
  • Spencer
  • Emily
  • Victor
  • Diesel
  • Phineas
  • Ferb
  • Hiro