Oliver Strikes Out is the fourth episode to Season 3 of "TOMY/Trackmaster T&F." Oliver, Thomas, Percy and Spencer see Rocky the new breakdown crane at Brendam along with a carnival. Oliver later has to pull some vans, Thomas has to take the kids in Annie and Clarabel and Percy has to take the Coconuts and the Jam. Rocky asks Oliver to help. Oliver replies no thanks and set off. While stopping at a signal, Oliver felt the vans jerk forward, the doors to the vans slid open and the goods fall onto the rails. Oliver thought that Percy who saw this, can help him. When Spencer comes round a bend too fast and crashes into the goods, Oliver realizes that Rocky can lift him and gets him from Brendam. Rocky clears the lines in little time, and the Carnival was a success at the yard. Oliver learns that whenever an engine is off rail, Rocky is always around to help out.

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  • YouTube-December 8, 2011

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  • YouTube-December 8, 2011





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