Paint Pots and Queens (T'AWS&A Version)
Season 1, Episode - Special #2
T'AWS&A Special -1 Thumbnail.png
Air date June 19, 2013
Written by Ben Ackley
Reverend W. Awdry (Original Story)
Britt Allcroft & David Mitton (Original Episode)
Directed by Sam Tindal & Ben Ackley
David Mitton (Original Episode)
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Paint Pots and Queens (T'AWS&A Version) is the second special to "Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427." The Fat Controller told Sam, Ben and the other engines that the queen is coming to visit the Island of Sodor. Everyone was on a struggle to know who will take the royal train, so Henry thinks that he should pull the train, but, while Sam and Ben are keeping an eye on Henry, his dome is all covered in white paint, so The Fat Controller comes Thomas and Grodon and Ben and Sam thinks that Gordon should pull the train. Will Gordon pull the train or will the queen's visit to Sodor be a disaster? Find out in the second special event of "Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427."

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Background Information

  • The special was originally gonna be released on Saturday, June 22, 2013, but however, it was announced on facebook that the special was released three days earlier on Wednesday, June 19, 2013.

Production Information

Domestic Premieres

  • YouTube-June 19, 2013

International Premieres

  • YouTube-June 19, 2013





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