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Roblox3ds77 (originaly Jor1217) is a Youtuber that was from the past.
==Some of His Videos==
#My Thomas Trains
#James, Mike and Whiff[[File:Diesel 10 means Trouble|thumb|right|511 px|One of Roblox3ds77's old videos]]
#Diesel 10 Means Trouble
=<span style="font-size:10.0pt">
#redirect[[A Battle of the Bests]]</span>=
==Video Gallery==
[[File:Jor1217 Video 1|thumb|left|214px|Percy's Water Accident]][[File:Jor1217 Video 2|thumb|center|213px|Stanley and There's Trouble]][[File:Jor1217 Video 3|thumb|right|215 px|(never completed) Shrunk and Nothing Part 1]]
==Him as a Thomas Character==
[[File:Images.jpg|thumb|Him as a Thomas Character]]
[[Category:Popular pages]]
[[Category:Popular pages]]

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