SamTheThomasFan1's Adventures of Phineas and Ferb was a series created by Sam Tindal that was originally going to be uploaded on the channel, but Sam forgot his and Ben's deal about putting all the copyrighted videos on private and he ended up posting the video publicly on the channel. It later ended up getting removed from YouTube giving the channel a third strike, removing all the videos that were posted on YouTube for the past 8 months. Then the duo ended creating a second account and reuploaded all the videos back on that channel with the exception of SAOPAF due to the fact that they were afraid that the new channel would get another copyright strike as well too. It is also currently unknown what the first episode was called, due to the fact that the first episode was up for hours before being removed. It is currently unknown if Ben had watched the video before Sam posted it up to YouTube. Little information is known about this show.

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