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TOMY T&F (also referred to as "Trainlover476 and Missoliverandblossom Crossover) was an intended full-length crossover by Trainlover476 and Missoliverandblossom.


Henry from Trainlover476's series buys an universal portal which sends him into the body of Henry from Missoliverandblossom's series, which also sends Missoliverandblossom's Henry into the body of Trainlover476's Henry. Now the two Henry's must find a way to return to their original bodies before both universes are destroyed.


  • June 17, 2008: A trailer for the crossover is uploaded to youtube on Trainlover476's account.
  • April 22, 2009: An update video is uploaded on Missoliverandblossom's account stating that the project has been held back, also threatening to cancel the entire project, possible release dates were also shown.
  • April 1, 2011: "Part 1/10" of the crossover is uploaded on Missoliverandblossom's account.
  • April 8, 2012: Trainlover476 stated the following in Missoliverandblossom's "MOAB/T&F Abridged" video, "Yea, it's not coming out any time soon".
  • June 20, 2013: Missoliverandblossom announces that a "rough" cut of the Crossover may be shown at the "Awesomely Talented and Creative Clan BronyCon Donation Stream" on his Twitch account to help raise money to go to the convention. However, it wasn't seen anywhere else.
  • February 22, 2014: Missoliverandblossom admits in his "Missoliverandblossom is Moving on/No More T&F" video that he and Trainlover476 had created the Crossover trailer before they had started work on the actual Crossover. He also states that the Crossover was now cancelled.