The Good-Witch, Isabella from both "Phineas and Ferb" in "Wizard of Odd," and "Odd-tastic: The Musical."

The Good-Witch, Isabella is the good-witch of all of Odd and lives in a beautiful castle in Patchkinland. She travels around Odd in her eyeball when ever she likes to. She is also the leader of the Fireside Girls with The Patchkins. For when she is very good, wonderful, smart, and very kind to everyone in The Land of Odd, she still would be the most wonderful good-witch to everyone when she is the good-witch in Odd for years to come. She will be played by ????????? in Odd-tastic: The Musical and ????????? in The Land of Odd, The Free!

Early Life

The Good-Witch, Isabella was born in Patchkinland, without her blue skin like the other patchkins (whose skins are blue). At some point in her life, she met and become friends with Kevin Perry for when he dropped in after a big tornado blew him from Cleveland,

The Good-Witch, Isabella singing and dancing to "The Yellow Sidewalk"

Ohio to The Land of Odd, and Oscar (The Patchkin) for when he moved to Patchkinland after his mother and father tell him to move on and keep moving forward. She is also a great friend of The Patchkins for when she first met them, and became the patchkin's leader. She is also very talented at controlling her powers, and since after she turned six years old, her father sent Isabella to Bustopolis to meet the wizard. (As described by Adyson Sweetwater)

Present Life

Isabella now lives in Patchkinland with The Patchkins at her castle not far from town with her mother, her father, Little Witch Suzie, her five brothers, and her five sisters. She spents most of her days helping out with her two friends, Kevin Perry and Oscar (The Patchkin) when she is not to busy with her schedule. She also spends

The Good-Witch, Isabella singing

time caring for her two pets, Pinky (Isabella's Dog) and Stacy Owl, or trying

"What'cha doin'?"

to earn her patches. She is also great friends with The Patchkins when they usually know what they are doing everyday. She use to have magical red rubber boots to help control her powers, but since after she grew out of her red rubber boots, she can now control her powers all by herself, so, she now passes the red rubber boots to Little Witch Suzie, but since after the house fell on top of her, Candace has her old red rubber boots and then, feels sad about her sister, but, then, as her, Kevin Perry, and Oscar (The Patchkin) went to The Wizard's Chamber in Bustopolis, they spot Doofenwitch squished on top of another person's house, so, she gives her old red rubber boots to Kevin and since after Kevin went home with Isabella's red rubber boots, she still controls her power by the time Kevin returns to The Land of Odd in "The Land of Odd, The Free!" But, when she decided to help Kevin Perry and Oscar (The Patchkin) let the other nations join The Land of Odd, she becomes fearless, brave, and very challenging to help Kevin save his father and restore peace to The Mainland.


The Good-Witch, Isabella is happy, fearless, sweet, caring, friendly, and spirited, eager to help Kevin and

The Good-Witch, Isabella in a conservation with Doofenwitch

Oscar's ideas. ("Odd-tastic: The Musical") Most of the time, she usually does it for fun, or simply because she has a good personality when she is expressing yourself to her friends. She is mostly optimistic, but also cares for, and worries about people at times. This is shown when she is fearless and tough to stop the forces of evil. ("The Land of Odd, The Free!") Being the good-witch of Odd, she has fantastic leadership and organized styles, though she'll get follow Kevin's orders as well. She can handle her temper for when someone showed more interest. Isabella also shown at least for when she can be a preditable and knid witch in Odd. She also can be a bit sad for when she thinks that Little Witch Suzie dies from being crushed from the house that landed on top of her, but she was soon happy that she was still alive. ("Odd-tastic: The Musical")

Physical Appearance

The Good-Witch, Isabella has long black hair and has oval blue eyes. She wears a pink ballgown with a pink crown or tiara, white ballet slippers and a magical wand. She also has other dresses that she wears throughout

Isabella in her Christmas Ballgown

"Odd-tastic: The Musical." (see background information) She loves hanging out with The Patchkins in Patchkinland, as well as Kevin Perry and Oscar (The Patchkin). She wears a yellow and gold ballgown with a golden crown and an orange and red ballgown with an orange crown also. She wears a brown and dark green bracelet on her arm for when she is prepared to go to war to defeat The of The Mainland's army and all set to go to war to help Kevin Perry save his father. ("The Land of Odd, The Free!") She is also a very, good singer and sings a few songs for her friends when she is having a great time. ("Odd-tastic: The Musical") She collects so many Accomplishment Patches with The Patchkins for when they did a really, good job. ("Odd-tastic: The Musical") ("The Land of Odd, The Free!") She can be very kind to all of the others when she is a really, special girl. For Christmas time, she wears a green crown with and a red star, and a green and red ballgown for when she is playing in the snow with The Patchkins. ("Unnamed Christmas Special")

Known Patches

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The Land of Odd, The Free!

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Kevin Perry


Oscar (The Patchkin)


Baljeet (Farmer)


Buford (Lion-Tiger-Bear Guy)


Little Witch Suzie


The Patchkins



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