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The Land of Odd, The Free is the motion picture sequel to the ever popular musical, "Odd-tastic: The Musical" made by the ever popular film company, Ackley Attack Pictures. Join Kevin Perry as he returns to The Land of Odd, but this time, to go to war to both go against The of The Mainland, but also, save his father from current danger. See Kevin Perry, Oscar (The Patchkin), The Good-Witch, Isabella, and the rest of the gang from Odd in an adventure so big, one nation isn't enough. With ?????????? as Kevin Perry, ??????????? as Oscar (The Patchkin), and ?????????? as The Good-Witch, Isabella, "The Land of Odd, The Free!" will be the all-new most, exciting thrill ride of a lifetime.

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  • Strong Badia, the Free! - This movie follows it closly to the second chapter to SBCG4AP from Telltale Games.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardobe - The Battlefield scene in the movie to also from "The Chronicles of Narnia" movie from Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media.


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