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The Thomas The Tank Engine Show is a Thomas & Friends parody series created by Maddalonefarms. It follows Thomas, Percy and the other engines humourus adventures on the Island of Sodor.

Release Date: December 22, 2012


  • Silly Billy: The Fat Controller is stuck on a massive stage, with Billy.
  • Accidents: The engines of Sodor get caught in some crazy crashes.
  • Christmas!!!!!: The engines show of what Maddalonefarms got for Christmas.
  • HAPPY Birthday Maddalonefarms!!!!!!!(:(:(: : Its Maddalonefarm's 14th Birthday, but Henry keeps eating all the cakes, so Thomas asks the viewers who should collect the next cake.
  • The Bird: Percy turns into a bird after watching Alfred Hitchcock's "The Bird".
  • The Diary: James reads The Fat Controllers Diary, as a punishment he is painted to look like a bee.
  • The Jet Engine: Thomas steals Victors Jet Engine, so it's up to Percy and Victor to stop him.
  • The Julius Caesar Project
  • Prank Wars (Maddalonefarms Version): Coming Soon!
  • The Runaway Diesel: Coming Soon!


  • James tries to climb Cranky: James climbs Cranky the Crane, but isn't sure how to get down.
  • Percy tries to cross the Bridge: Percy goes over a bridge, but crashes into Luke and derails.
  • Lady the Cake Collector Winner!!!!!!!!!: (Follow up to Ep 4) The viewers chose Lady, so she collects the next cake, but it gets eaten by Henry.
  • Gordon gets Served: Gordon and Molly crash into each other.