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(Video opens up with shots of Sam Tindal and Ben Ackley greeding the audience)

Sam Tindal: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I'm SamTheThomasFan1.

Ben Ackley:...and I'm Ackleyattack4427. And we welcome you to our video of...

Sam Tindal & Ben Ackley: The Top 10 Greatest Moments of Episodes 1-11 from Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427!

Sam Tindal: You see, we've been watching our episodes for a while, and we saw that there were times when we showed our best moments.

Ben Ackley: So, we've made a video of ten of our greatest moments with Thomas the Tank Engine. Let's not waste anymore time, here they are!