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(Special opens up with shots of Sam Tindal and Ben Ackley greeting the audience)

Sam Tindal: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I'm SamTheThomasFan1.

Ben Ackley:...and I'm Ackleyattack4427. And we welcome you to our video of...

Sam Tindal & Ben Ackley: The Top 10 Greatest Moments of Episodes 1-11 from Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427!

Sam Tindal: You see, we've been watching our episodes for a while, and we saw that there were times when we showed our best moments.

Ben Ackley: So, we've made a video of ten of our greatest moments with Thomas the Tank Engine. Let's not waste anymore time, here they are!

(The beginning part of Joe Esposito's song "You're the Best Around" plays with clips from Better Late Than Never (T'AWS&A Version), Dirty Objects (T'AWS&A Version), Off the Rails (T'AWS&A Version) and Percy and Harold (T'AWS&A Version), then a bright white flash transition to episodes from the actual Thomas the Tank Engine series with the title "The Top 10 Best Moments from Episodes 1-11 of Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427" overlaping the montage)

(Each numbering of each entry includes Sam saying the even numbers and Ben saying the odd numbers)

Sam Tindal (voiceover): Number 10 - Ben screaming "CUT!" in Episode 10: Better Late Than Never.

Ben Ackley (voiceover): Okay. In case you don't know where that came from, I actual got that from watching the Nostalgia Critic's review on Doomsday Machine for The Best of That Guy with the Glasses Volume 3 DVD.

Ben Ackley: And I can trust you, I really enjoy that moment so much, is that "Okay. You know what? That moment is the best, I gotta put that in Episode 10!" So, incase you haven't seen the review, it's already up on YouTube right about now, or just by the DVD to see the review.

Ben Ackley (voiceover): Number 9 - Me and Sam making 2 "Phineas and Ferb" references in Thomas' Christmas Party. In case you haven't catch any of this, me and Sam only made two "Phineas and Ferb" references in Episode 11. One being in "Summer Belongs to You!",...

(Cut to a scene from Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You! where Candace and Vanessa are staying behind while Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Buford and Baljeet are gone)

Vanessa: So, Candace, what is "Ferb" short for?

Candace: I...don't...know!

Ben Ackley (voiceover): And the other in "Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension".

(Cut to a scene where Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Agent P, and Dr. Doofenshmirtz are chained up and Dr. Doofenshmirtz is behind a Norm-bot while being scared as the monster in the background roars)

Ferb: Woah! Deja vu-ish!!!

Ben Ackley (voiceover): I can trust you, those are really, really good moments that we've made, and uh,...I can trust you that a few people liked it.

Ben Ackley: And if you haven't liked those two moments, uh...great, if so, then...good for you!

Sam Tindal (voiceover): Number 8 - Ben and I jumping off James in Episode 1: Dirty Objects.

Ben Ackley (voiceover): I trust you that, uh...this moment deserves to be in the list and, uh...and I can trust you it''s a really good moment like, for one shot, I was jumping off of James and other, uh...Sam, running off of James, which is,...probably the biggest goof you haven't catch yet.

Ben Ackley: But, if you, uh...did not catch that, that's alright, then, uh...good. So, uh, one!

Ben Ackley (voiceover): Number 7 - I said, "We don't know how to get back!" in Thomas' Train. Now, I understand when I first did that line, I think I was all like...

Ben Ackley: We don't to get back!

Ben Ackley (voiceover): But for the second take, I...did pause for a moment and then, I liked, yelled when I said that line. And, uh, and I feel that the, uh,...second take is a lot better, and, uh..., and that was a really, good...

Ben Ackley: Moment. And, uh,...yeah, uh,...that's really about it. There's nothing else to say about it, um, one!

Sam Tindal (voiceover): Number 6 - "Yeah, The writers forgot to put in _____."

Ben Ackley (voiceover): Now, uh,...I understand that there are a few people wanting me to create my own jokes. And, uh,...

Ben Ackley: Luckly enough, the whole "Yeah, the writers and producers forgot to put in _____," is, uh,...the biggest jokes I've ever came up with, uh,...for this series.

Ben Ackley (voiceover): Like, when I watch the actual Thomas episode, I catch a lot of goofs, uh,...that they made, uh,, I think I've decided to create that jokes, uh,...just for the heck of it.

Ben Ackley: If you like it, great. If you don't like it, meh,...get through it.