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The purpose of this page to document the detestation and severe harassment towards Trainboy54 and Ackleyattack4427.

How the Hating Began

  • From July 8-9, 2012, a user by the name of "Univer3eTwist3rs" began to start by sending a message to Ben's original YouTube channel, Ackleyattack4427, asking for trainboy54's Skype ID, but however, Ben responded by saying and I quote, "I'm not gonna tell you, you smegged up YouTube failure!" After his response, both Univer3eTwist3rs and Peter Gritsch, also known on YouTube as waymuu, took to the Ackley Attack Wiki site and started sabotaging it. Then, they took to Skype and tried to have a conversation to Ben, but he didn't want to anyway. Even at one point, Ben hung up because he doesn't want to stay up all night, both waymuu and Univer3eTwist3rs try to get him back, but it resulted in Ben going offline. Then, what ended up happening is Univer3eTwist3rs posting the conversation onto his YouTube and when Ben saw it, he gotten incredibly insulted and has gone from asking him to demanding him to take the video down. But sadly, Univer3eTwist3rs didn't remove the video. Then, a few weeks afterwards, Ben took it by force and took the video down himself. Jon later uploaded a Personal Army video (now removed) and tried to get his fans attention by explaining all the details that he found out. This led to most of his fans supporting Univer3eTwist3rs's side and abandoning his side as they found what they were doing.

The War Begins

  • Shortly after the video was posted, Many people that agreed with Univer3eTwist3rs being to harass and dislike many of trainboy54's videos as they could. Jon's dad later joined in by protecting Jon and removing all the comments full of bias off that would him of his videos. During this time, an account (believed to be the second account of Univer3eTwist3rs) uploaded videos that severely harrass Jon. A "HEY YAY YAY" parody, A "Trainboy54 Productions 2013" video of what would happen if Jon used the intro from his 2011 intro to 2012. And a audio clip from an earlier video saying that Jon does not frequently understand slang. Univer3eTwist3rs claims that he tried to get Jon's Skype to try to apologize to him for what he had done to him. Jon did not respond as he looks at comments and rarely replies to any of them including his messages. Jon later continued on making shorts and redesigned engines during the summer and almost everyone were turning against him.

Trainboy54's Wikia

  • The Wikia (now closed) was where trainboy54 would update on his latest projects and admin personal army requests. And just like the Ackley Attack Wikia, users began to vandalize it. Then a few days prior to Jon's Wikia closing, 2 of his haters found some chat logs between him and Ben. The chat discussed about certain events and future projects that he Ben were working on like working on a new "Trainboy54's Adventures of Phineas and Ferb" episode only that the episode was not about TAOP&F, it was about a random live action "Phineas and Ferb" episode with Jon being dressed as Phineas and Ben (surprisingly) dressed as Isabella. Then the new day, after filming the live-action parody, Jon revealed that his favorite part of the video was because he liked seeing Ben in the dress and thought he look "cute in the dress" and he decided to upload the video to YouTube. But Ben awkwardly begs Jon to not put the video up because he felt that the vandals of Wikia will watch it and vandalize his Wikia again. Once noticing the mistake, Jon & Ben closed The Trainboy54 Wikia so that no one could see the conversation. However, this did not stop the haters from exposing the conversation on PasteBin. [1] It's currently unknown if Jon had that conversation, but however, Ben said that they never had that conversation calling it out as being fake.

Prank Calls to Ben & Jon

  • To get Ben & Jon to stop turning things even worse, many people attempted to tell their parents about how they were acting too young for their age. However, both of those phone calls ended up being posted onto YouTube, naturally making things worse. What happened next is that to prevent more drama from occurring, Ben had no choice but to stay off of YouTube for an entire week and around that time, Ben set all of his videos to private for 3 weeks to a whole month, and on top of that, as for Jon, he had no choice but to stay off of Skype for a while.

Things Calming Down

  • Then, from August 11-12, 2012, while calming down a whole lot from all of the drama, Ben decided to join his friend and former member of his clan, Tanner Asadorian (Sodoradventures) for the Greenberg's Train and Toy Show in Edison, NJ for the world premiere of Tanner's new show, "Dover Valley Railroad Stories." But while that was going on, Ben suddenly found out on the news that there was a massive police shooting in Times Square involving a guy waving a butcher's knife around, and rumor has it that the guy waving the knife have wrote on the main page demanding Ben to come down to Times Square just so that person can kill him, when really, he wanted to say he lives in New York City as a cover up so that nobody will know where Ben actually live.

The Mockery InBetween

  • Inbetween the war, many different YouTubers expressed their mockery towards both Jon & Ben to show their hatred to the two. For example, one YouTuber from Windsor, Ontario, Canada named, Milan Prsa, who originally goes by the name, derpadederp1999, now known as The MilanToon Channel, originally had an MST3K-like YouTube series entitled, "Derpadederp1999's Riffing Corner," where he riff on terrible videos by terrible YouTubers. And the first two episodes focuses on Jon on both of his series, "TOMY/Trackmaster T&F" and "Trainboy54's Adventures of Phineas and Ferb." It was announced that his third episode will take on Ben as well, on both his 3rd Anniversary on YouTube video, (Which completely ripped-off William Grubb's 100th Video-versary, and even Ben admitted it upon re-watching it in his archives before that and the rest of Ben's old videos were erased by a computer virus) and the original version of "Thomas & Friends: Island of Sodor Adventures," before the reboot was announced. But however, it got cancelled as well as the rest of the series entirely just so he can focus on his own review series entitled, "The Entertainment Annihilator" in 2013, but sadly got cancelled after one episode due to Milan losing interest in it, as well as Ben's review series that came out the same year, "Family Movie Collaboration" officially beating it out. (And rumor has it that the same thing can happen to zWatches in a matter of time.) Then sometime later, in September 2012, a YouTuber by the name of sakibranton, whose real name is Samuel Dudley, uploaded an episode of his own riffing series, "The Preschool Guy" where he riffs on British cartoons, where he riffs the special, "Famous Fred." After his riff on the special, he went onto slamming Ben, by referring to him by his real name rather than his YouTube name about his announcement on "The Phineas Guy." Because of it, Ben eventually had no choice but to re-work it as "The Disney Channel Geek," which lead to it's cancellation in 2016. Then, in November of 2012, another Internet critic by the name, Brandon Nichols, who goes by the name, The Hardcore Kid, did a movie review on a Japanese Hentai anime-film entitled, "Maid Boy Kuro-Kan" where like The Preschool Guy, he ended up mocking Ben close to the end by pasting his image of his face onto the film itself. Before hand, he re-posted a video that another YouTuber made entitled, "Personal Army: Trainboy54" openly mocking Jon's video where he asked his fans to stop both Univer3eTwist3rs and RJ Bandsma for mocking him and Ben. Beforehand, Ben's original channel name was shown for a little cameo in one of Brandon's old Hardcore Kid episodes, "The Top 10 Smegged Up YouTube Failures" back in 2010 when he placed TurboJUSA at #9 on his list.

Ackleyattack4427's Termination of YouTube

  • Ackleyattack4427's old channel now. Terminated.

    On Friday, January 18, 2013, Ben came home from school and went to check his YouTube. But found out he was logged out. He then tried to log in back but sadly, failed at it. He then went to go the Channel URL to see if his channel's remaining. But when he did so, His channel was terminated and all the hard work he had done for the past 5 years were gone. Ben then tried to email a notification to YouTube in an attempt to get his YouTube channel back. But failed. Ben then got some advice from his YouTube friends to make a new YouTube channel and leave the old one terminated. Because of this, Ben decided to reboot his YouTube channel as "ThenewAA4427" while remaining his original channel name as he is first known for when he first started.

The War Ends

  • Then, after several months of all of this trouble, the end of the YouTube War came around February of 2013, when Univer3eTwist3ers contacted Ben via Skype and sent him messages alongside Waymuu saying that they apologize to Ben for all of this. Ben accepted their apologies and did the same to them. Several months go by since then, and Ben and Jon have gone on with their normal lives as usual, making videos while at the same time, trying to forget all of this happened and succeed at it.

The Aftermath

  • Ben had his original account terminated a month before the "YouTube War" ended in January of 2013. And Jon had his second account terminated in February of 2016.

Univer3etwist3ers's Side of the Story

Shortly after this article on Wikia was made, Univer3etwist3ers made a small note on the bottom of this page to state his side of the story as well as parts that we forgot to add to this page.

"I would've given my input on this sooner, as I have offered both that zane guy and Ben my side of the story, only for it to fall on deaf ears for the both of them. So yeah, I hope this doesn't get deleted or anything.

But yeah, most of this is true. I originally wanted Trainboy54's skype username, as to why I wanted it I have forgotten, so I asked Ben Ackley about it, seeing as his name always came up when he was mentioned. And when I asked him, for no apparent reason he called me a "smegged up youtube failure", which was quite insulting. So in the long run, had Ben not insulted me, I would never have started this """war""" as you call it. So if there were any repercussions from this, blame it on Ben. That "heart attack" Ben had was his own fault. (The sentence was removed from the article shortly after Univer3etwist3ers stated his side of the story.)

Overall I'd have to say this page is accurate other than a few details and the end. For example, there were a couple of people you ommitted as well, either out of ignorance or simply not knowing. On your side, there was a guy by the name of "Beyblademaster" or something to that effect who quickly came to Ben and Trainboy's defense. He made some videos calling me out and none of them were taken seriously because he was wearing white women's glasses which looked silly on an Asian boy. And on our side, there was "Dmitri" from "Belarus". Me and him quickly found out Ben & John's phone numbers because we were bored teenagers in the early 2010s and because we were bored teenagers in the early 2010s, we were able to use the skype calling feature to do prank calls on them, which we ended up recording. I don't know where they are as of 2016. But we did get Ben's mom to scream at us. Another person you forgot to mention was RJ Bandsma. I believe he was the one who directed me to trainboy54 and made me aware of him and therefore ask Ben for his skype username, but I'm not 100% sure. But I do remember he was mentioned in trainboy's personal army video and RJ made some rants on trainboy, so he probably had some involvement in one way or another.

Another thing you omitted that I feel was a key factor in this was Trainboy54's dad. He ran an arcade in Cape May, New Jersey, and the satellite pictures of his house showed that he lived very well, so you could probably say that Trainboy54 suffered well from "affluenza". He was sheltered by his father from the realities of the outside world and it definitely shown. For one, his father would actively remove insulting comments and block trolls on his son's behalf, which raises the question; if your son is 20 something and you still have to shelter him from the outside world, do you consider yourself a failure as a parent? That and him posting that video where he tried to get everybody on his side against me and RJ (aka the Personal Army video) just goes to show his naivete that enabled trolls to keep hammering on. Hell, he had the mind of a 4 year old and it was absolutely reflected in his speech patterns, his naivete, his dependence on his parents, and the unoriginality of his videos. I remember wanting to organize a bunch of folks to report his videos to Disney for copyright strikes because, let's not beat around the bush, he was literally reuploading whole episodes of Phineas & Ferb while inserting clips of himself in, but I didn't because it wouldn't have been funny anymore. And guess what? His account gets removed a few years later because of just that.

Also I never apologized to Ben. That part's been fabricated. If you can find proof for it, go for it, but I'm fairly sure that I didn't. Again, I hope this doesn't get deleted as this was my response to the war, and you know how every side has a story."

RJ Bandsma's Side of the Story

Sometime after Univer3eTwist3ers posted his side of the entire story, RJ Bandsma took to the page on the Wikia site by adding his side of the whole thing as well as stuff we didn't add about him. (NOTE: Part of this message contains a little bit of swearing. So because of this, we will have to censor any curse words in this.)

"Here's my side of the story, all I did to either of them was criticize them for content they posted to the Internet. As Jon was infamous for bringing in unnecessary and were from other shows as he was inserting them as OC's when that's not right. Not to mention they tried getting people to false flag us for just criticizing them when Jon tried sending people to flag my videos on him down which was abusing YouTube's Flagging system which against community guidelines.

I tried getting this through their heads but they wouldn't listen due to them ignorant lazy individuals who honestly need to take a break from the Internet. They're hiding the fact that chat on pastebin was real just to cover their a****, Typical SJW behavior. Not to mention they were trying to pass edited versions of "Phineas & Ferb" & "Thomas & Friends" as their own when that's not even legal nor was it protected under fair use.

Next time provide all the facts without covering your a****."


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