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Thomas' Adventures of Disney's Villains Revenge
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Directed by

Jon McDowell

Produced by

Jon McDowell

Written by

Jon McDowell

Based on

"TOMY/Trackmaster T&F" created by Jon McDowell
"Disney's Villains' Revenge" by Disney Interactive


Jon McDowell
Eddie Carroll
Kathryn Beaumont
Rosalyn Landor
Kevin Schon
Tony Pope

Music by

Bill Brown
Mike Reagan
Jon McDowell (Songs)

Edited by

Jon McDowell

Country of Origin

United States

Production Company

Trainboy54 Productions

Release Date

August 9th, 2011
December 4th, 2020 (Re-released)

Thomas' Adventures of Disney's Villains Revenge is the first motion picture event from trainboy54 for "TOMY/Trackmaster T&F". In this all-new movie, Thomas, Percy, Toby, Edward and James discovered a book with four stories inside, "Alice in Wonderland", "Peter Pan", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", and "Dumbo", but by removing the happy endings, the villains in the four stories have taken over, so, it's up to the five engines to save the heroes of the stories, and defeat the evil villains and restore the happy endings. Will they succeed? Find out in the all-new movie from Trainboy54 Productions, "Thomas' Adventures of Disney's Villains Revenge."

Movie Summary

Part 1

The movie starts off with all of the engines at the sheds while a terrible strom passes through. The engines are tired of the storm, so they haven't got anything to do while they wait. Suddenly, Toby has an idea. One of the engines have to tell a story. So, Thomas decided to tell a story about him, Edward, Percy, Toby, and James. Soon, Thomas began his story and then, we finally flashed back to Tidmouth Sheds where Percy, James, Edward and Toby are there. Thomas puffed in with a special storybook with four stories in it, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Peter Pan", "Dumbo", and "Alice in Wonderland". They want to know who will read a story to Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Edward, until they heard a voice in the background. The voice in the background was Jiminy Cricket. He introduces himself to the five engines, then asks them to listen to a story, then they approve. Jiminy opens the book, then begins the story of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". A few minutes passed by and Jiminy Cricket gets tired and fell fast asleep. Thomas wakes him up and then, Jiminy Cricket has an idea. He takes out all four happy ending pages and then, the engines pick each happy ending one by one. After they guessed all of the happy endings, they were going to put them back into the book, until, without warning, the book lifted into the air and then, thunder roars and the vortex opens up with The Evil Queen, The Ringmaster, The Queen of Hearts, and Captain Hook. Thomas grab the book and stopped the book from opening up another vortex. Thomas, Percy, James, Edward and Toby don't know what was going on, but Toby said that Thomas should bring the storybook back to the store, Thomas agrees to what Toby said, until a blue light came in through the window. When the five engines don't know what is it, but Jiminy Cricket knows. The Blue Fairy appears. She explains to Jiminy and the five engines that if they remove the happy endings, the villains will change the stories and the heroes in trouble, so, she decides that Thomas, Percy, James, toby and Edward will go into the stories and stop the villains from changing the stories. When the Blue Fairy disappears into the sky, Thomas believes that if they just believe, they can accomplish anything. ("If We Just Believe")

Part 2

Around the time the song ends, the two door knobs, Out and In, popped out of nowhere and started introducing themselves to James, Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Edward. Out and In decided to test the five main engines by naming the heroes from all four stories, they successfully passed the test and Out and In opens the doors to a mysterious portal, Jiminy wishes the five main engines good luck, and Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Edward goes through the portal and arrived at their first destination. Their first destination was the Evil Ringmaster's Circus in the story of "Dumbo", Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Edward stumbled to Mrs. Jumbo, and she explains that the clowns kept on convincing Dumbo to do his high-dive act and he can't fly anymore. So, Mrs. Jumbo gives the main heroes a lift onto of the show and they saw the fireman-clowns getting Dumbo's high-diving act ready, so, James decided to set up a plan to let Dumbo escape. ("You're a Wise Guy, Mr. James") Finally, after the plan is set up, they tested it out and it works. So, Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Edward are now hoping for Dumbo to fly again. They watched and prayed, until finally, Dumbo is flying once again. They made it back to Tidmouth Sheds and watched the happy ending to "Dumbo" is finally restored, after that, they now figured out what story in the book they can go to next.

Part 3

They opened and turned the pages of the book and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is the next story. They jumped into the book and reached their destination, a thorn bush. They have to find a way to get through it to reach the Evil Queen's lair. They decided to let James go through for them and find a way through, and did so. ("Throns On Me") After getting through the the thorn bush, they make their way to the Evil Queen's lair. However as they reached to the lair, they went up to stop Snow White from taking a bite from the apple but they were too late. They had found Snow White unconscious while also spotting the Evil Queen as a witch telling Snow White that Prince will never save her and her little dwarf will join her soon before leaving her lair. Once gone, they tried to figure out how to rescue Snow White. Toby thought of an idea that they should poisoned the Queen, but James didn't like the idea. Then, Percy spotted the Book of Spells and went to read the ingredients to create "True Love" and conjure the Prince into the story to break the spell, thus restoring the happy ending. Hence, they start creating and mixing various ingredients into the Queen's cauldron. ("Creepy Halloween") As they were making, Thomas spotted the Queen is coming back and instructed his friends to hide. As the Queen left, they knew that one of the seven dwarfs has been put into a deep sleep. As they are running out of time, they had make the true love fast.

Part 4

Thomas and his friends manage to restore the Prince, who immediately rescues Snow White through "true love's kiss". They made it back to Tidmouth Sheds and watched the happy ending to "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is finally restored, after that, they now figured out what story in the book they can go to next. They opened and turned the pages of the book and "Peter Pan" is the next story. Thomas and his friends except for Toby jumped into the book and reached their destination, Skull Rock. As they arrived, they spotted Captain Hook and the elderly Peter fighting in battle and worst Peter is losing so Thomas decided to take Peter's place and fight Captain Hook but has fallen off the ship and James took over and do the rest of the battle. ("What Do You do with a Scurvy Pirate?") After James defeated Hook, they restore the happy ending and reverted Peter to his original age thanking the Engines for fixing his ending.

Part 5

After that, they need one last story to fix and they are done. They opened and turned the pages of the book and "Alice in Wonderland" is the last story. Percy claims that this is actually his favourite story. But when heard about the Queen of Heart decapitating Alice's head, they jumped into the book and reached their destination, the hedge maze. There, the Engines found Alice; though she's still alive and merely headless. But as they were about to help Alice, they were stopped by the card soldiers who warned that if the engines goes by their way, their heads will be decapitated. Alice then told the engines to follow her voice that will lead to her head. After that they went through the Hedge Maze to find Alice's head. ("Into the Thick of It! (Through the Hedge Maze)") Once arrived, they found Alice's detached head. With that, Alice is back in one piece again and told the engines to find the White Rabbit which guides them to the exit. Once there, Alice instructed the engines to eat the cake which shrinks them and thus, allowing the engines and Alice to escape Wonderland and get her home. On their way, Alice thanks Percy and his friends for their wonderful help and they made it back to Tidmouth Sheds and watched the happy ending to "Alice in Wonderland" is finally restored. With all the happy endings restored, Jiminy instructed them to put back the happy ending pages but were missing. Just then, Jiminy and the enginges were confronted by the four villains who invade Tidmouth Sheds and each take one of the happy ending pages. As they were about to be destroyed, Thomas had an idea. Thomas then tells Jiminy to hand over the storybook and uses it as a shield to stop those nasty villains.

Part 6

First up, it's James vs Hook and after reflecting the cannonballs, Hook is sent flying by a reflected cannonball. ("Pirates who Slave the Buccaneers") The next battle is Percy vs The Queen of Hearts and after reflecting Croquet Balls, the the Queen of Hearts surrenders when a hedge maze topiary statue she hides in is destroyed by Percy shooting Croquet Ball. ("The Queen of Hearts is Throwing Croquet Balls at us") Next up is Toby vs the Ringmaster and the Ringmaster was knocked unconscious by Toby with a well aimed custard pie.("The Ringmaster's a Bad Boss") Lastly, it is now Edward vs The Evil Queen and was defeated when she was turned into a Old-Hag Witch and was frightened by her own ugly reflection when it shattered.("Apple Haters")

Part 7

Soon after, the villains are defeated and the happy endings are restored. The Blue Fairy finally returns, adding a new tale to the book called "A Villain's Night Out" that describes the events of the story. After that, the Blue Fairy left but gave the Engines with special gifts for save the ending. Thomas concludes the story about him, Edward, Percy, Toby, and James were being the storybook heroes. Everyone loved Thomas' story and were able to have a good night sleep.

Music & Songs

Deleted Scenes

  • After the song, Throns On Me, James had to use all his might to get through the thorn bush.
  • After mixing some ingredients, James light up the match and toss it into the Queen's cauldron. However, the Engines summoned Prince Charming and try the glass slipper on Snow White and then leaves when it doesn't fit. Thomas then leaves with a warning: "These story aren't what they used to be."
  • When ending the song You're a Wise Guy, Mr. James, James spins around but got dizzy at the end.
  • After the first half of the song Into the Thick of It! (Through the Hedge Maze), they find that James was missing so Toby had to go find him. Meanwhile, James was going after the White Rabbit but disappeared into the hole. Toby found James and tries to bring him back but once they heard the queen is coming, they ran as quick as they can.
  • During the sword fight, Captain Hook have lost his sword and James finished him off by stroking on his chest. However, James was teleported back to Tidmouth Sheds and was told by the Blue Fairy that he should toss it back to him to make a fair fight. After that, he found Thomas, who was also teleported back to Tidmouth Sheds. James then went back to Peter Pan story to finish the battle with Hook.


For a full transcript of Thomas' Adventures of Disney's Villains Revenge, click here.


Background Information

Production Information

Domestic Premieres

  • YouTube-August 15, 2011

International Premieres

  • YouTube-August 15, 2011



  • Disney's Villains Revenge (CD-Rom Game)-This movie follows closely to the CD-Rom Game, but adding the cast of TOMY/Trackmaster T&F in it.


  • Jon McDowell as Thomas, Percy, James, Toby, Edward, Gordon, Spencer, Hiro, Emily, Duck and Henry
  • Eddie Carroll as Jiminy Cricket
  • Kathryn Beaumont as Alice
  • Rosalyn Landor as The Blue Fairy
  • Kevin Schon as Elderly Peter Pan and In
  • Tony Pope as Out
  • Corey Burton as Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, The White Rabbit, and The Ringmaster
  • Louise Chamis as The Wicked Queen Grimhilde as Old-Hag Witch
  • Paul Factora as Bumpy the Clown
  • Micheal Gough as The Prince and Playing Cards
  • Tress MacNeille as Mrs. Jumbo and The Queen of Hearts
  • Micheal Welch as Peter Pan

Guest Stars

  • Josh Groban as Himself
  • Beyonce as Herself
  • George Carlin as The Narrator

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