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Thomas' Adventures of Disney's Villains Revenge is the first horror motion picture event from trainboy54 for "TOMY/Trackmaster T&F". In this all-new movie, Thomas, Percy, Toby, Edward and James discovered a book with four stories inside, "Alice in Wonderland", "Peter Pan", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", and "Dumbo", but by removing the happy endings, the villains in the four stories have taken over, so, it's u to the five engines to be down to villains, which combine into something special that can destroy all the stories, as well as the entire Disney company and the player's room. Will they succeed? Find out in the all-new movie from Trainboy54 Productions, "Thomas' Adventures of Disney's Villains Revenge."

Movie Summary


The movie starts off with all of the engines at the sheds while a terrible strom passes through. The engines are tired of the storm, so they haven't got anything to do while they wait. Suddenly, Toby has an idea. One of the engines have to tell a story. So, Thomas decided to tell a story about him, Edward, Percy, Toby, and James. Soon, Thomas began his story and then, we finally flashed back to Tidmouth Sheds where Percy, James, Edward and Toby are there. Thomas puffed in with a special storybook with four stories in it, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Peter Pan", "Dumbo", and "Alice in Wonderland". They want to know who will read a story to Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Edward, until they heard a voice in the background. The voice in the background was Jiminy Cricket. He introduces himself to the five engines, then asks them to listen to a story, then they approve. Jiminy opens the book, then begins the story of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". A few minutes passed by and Jiminy Cricket gets tired and fell fast asleep. Thomas wakes him up and then, Jiminy Cricket has an idea. He takes out all four happy ending pages and then, the engines pick each happy ending one by one. After they guessed all of the happy endings, they were going to put them back into the book, until, without warning, the book lifted into the air and then, thunder roars and the vortex opens up with The Evil Queen, The Ringmaster, The Queen of Hearts, and Captain Hook. Thomas grab the book and stopped the book from opening up another vortex. Thomas, Percy, James, Edward and Toby don't know what was going on, but Toby said that Thomas should bring the storybook back to the store, Thomas agrees to what Toby said, until a blue light came in through the window. When the five engines don't know what is it, but Jiminy Cricket knows. The Blue Fairy appears. She explains to Jiminy and the five engines that if they remove the happy endings, the villains will change the stories and the heroes in trouble, so, she decides that Thomas, Percy, James, toby and Edward will go into the stories and stop the villains from changing the stories. When the Blue Fairy disappears into the sky, Thomas believes that if they just believe, they can accompish anything. ("If We Just Believe")

Part 2

Around the time the song ends, the two door knobs, Out and In, popped out of nowhere and started introducing themselves to James, Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Edward. Out and In decided to test the five main engines by naming the heroes from all four stories, they sucessfully passed the test and Out and In opens the doors to a mysterious portal, Jiminy wishs the five main engines good luck, and Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Edward goes through the portal and arrived at their first destination. Their first destination was the Evil Ringmaster's Circus in the story of "Dumbo", Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Edward stumbled to Mrs. Jumbo, and she explains that the clowns kept on convincing Dumbo to do his high-dive act and he can't fly anymore. So, Mrs. Jumbo gives the main heroes a lift omto of the show and they saw the fireman-clowns getting Dumbo's high-diving act ready, so, James decided to set up a plan to let Dumbo escape. ("You're a Wise Guy, Mr. James") Finally, after the plan is set up, they tested it out and it works. So, Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Edward explains that the only way to get Dumbo flying again is to rescue Dumbo the elephant from the high-diving act, but they fail when Dumbo, after an act of high diving, falls into a bucket of water and is finally destroyed. The Evil Ringmaster's Circus ended their high-diving act, and they took all the elephants in cars from the circus prison, and sent all the elephants to the immense and dangerous game of the clowns of the firemen through the multiverse, where the clowns of the firefighters have worked for Oscar, Tina, Raymundo and Peque. Jimmy, Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Edward were teleported into the bedroom, with the story of Dumbo locked up, which led to them never seeing Dumbo again, so Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Edward must embark on another mission.

Part 3

They opened and turned the pages of the book and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is the next story. They jumped into the book and reached their destination, a thron bush. They have to get find a way to get through it to reach the Evil Queen's lair, as their own new mission. They decided to let James go through for them and find a way through, and did so. ("Throns On Me")

Then, the five engines and Jimmy Crickets, however, add an apple to the aging potion of the Evil Queen, which causes the Evil Queen to die and eventually destroy herself. After that, the poor Snow White and seven dwarves were taken by the clowns to a scary game, the worst fearsome game that has been told in the entire multiverse, where these clowns also work for Oscar, Tina, Raymound and Peque. They went back into the bedroom and find c.

Part 4

The five engines and Jimmy Cricket opened and turned the pages of the book and "Alice in Wonderland" is the next story, before transporating to Wonderland, and then follow the White Rabbit gently before they find Alice's head across the entire maze, but they came face to face with the Red Queen, who then dominates the entire Country of Wonders and destroys Alice's head. They were later teleported back into the entire bedroom and saw that potion is really helpless.

Part 5

The five engines and Jimmy Cricket were then transported to Neverland, and yet they attempted only to attack Captain Hook on his new mission, but fail when Captain Hook dominates the rest of Neverland and assassinates Peter Pan with his own most powerful sword of imagined superhero

Shortly after Peter Pan was destroyed, Captain Hook begins to crush all the children and then dominated Neverland, along with many pirates to rule it. The five engines and Jimmy Cricket are transported back to Neverland, and Thomas explains that it is not going well before the battles begin.

Part 6

Ultimately, Evil Ringmaster's Circus, Neverland, Evil Queen's Castle and then Wonderland combined to become the most powerful and even more unstoppable battle against Jimmy Cricket, Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Edward.

When one of the pirate balls is thrown into the book, Jimmy declares that the book is destroyed, leaving Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Edward to defend themselves from the worst danger in history, before being destroyed by the master of ceremonies, Captain Hook, Evil Queen and Red Queen in which four were combined, into The Ultimate Endless Destroyer, the multiverse's unstoppable and destructive monster, who is most powerful ever told in the entire multiverse. Its operation is used to destroy the main configuration of the movies, such as "Alice in Wonderland", "Dumbo" and, newly, "The Lion King".

The monster begin to destroy all the stories and assassinates all the inhabitants, besides destroying places, it is also destroying everything through deceased stories. After that, the monster destroys the player's room and then dominates the entire multiverse before destroying it. After that, the multiverse has been destroyed by the monster, and the monster splits into the Ringmaster, Captain Hook, the Evil Queen and the Red Queen who would give their worst embrace to create the new multiverse of the evil of 600 universes, known as The Multiversal Danger, in which each of the 600 universes becomes violent, and leads the inhabitants to assassinate the rest of new people, and seizes the rest of the universes. Soon, the Multiversal Danger continues, and the Postmaster, Captain Hook, the Evil Queen and the Red Queen live unhappily forever. The end.

Music & Songs

10 songs were involved in the film, played by the cast of Disney villains, as well as the five engines and even Jimmy Cricket.

Songs (written by Hans Zimmer)

Score (composed by Hans Zimmer)

The score composed by Hans Zimmer was also involved in the film, including the suite called Zimmer's Atomic Kitten-The Locomotion, as well as additional music by Lorne Balfe, Rupert Gregson-Williams, Andrew Kawcyznski, Steve Mazzaro, Steve Jablonsky, Brandon Campbell, Ramin Djawadi, James Dooley, Geoff Zanelli and Andrew Reiner. The score was produced by Bill Brown and Mike Reagan. 21 tracks were added.

The score was created by Klaus Badelt's mentor, Christopher Carmichael, one of the members of Badelt's Theme Park Studios, recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, with a 100-piece classical orchestra of Notre Dame and a choir of 100 pieces sung in Italian, conducted and orchestrated by Gavin Greenaway, creating 21 tracks to the score. Co-orchestralors were Tony Blondal, Stephen Coleman and Andrew Kinney.

  1. World's End (3:20) Hans Zimmer
  2. Discovering the Book (5:23) Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
  3. Jimmy Cricket (1:21) Hans Zimmer
  4. The Vortexx (3:40) Steve Mazzaro and Geoff Zanelli
  5. Rampaging into the Book (2:13) Brandon Campbell, James Dooley and Steve Jablonsky
  6. Changing the Story (1:12) Steve Jablonsky
  7. The Evil Ringmaster's Circus (4:52) Lorne Balfe
  8. The Fire House (6:53) Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, James Dooley, Andrew Kawcyznski and Steve Mazzaro
  9. Dumbo Falls (1:30) Hans Zimmer
  10. Going to the Castle (2:15) Hans Zimmer and James Dooley
  11. Making a Cook (5:20) James Dooley
  12. Red Queen Dies (3:13) Steve Jablonsky
  13. To the Wonderland (2:20) Steve Jablonsky
  14. Following the White Rabbit (5:12) Hans Zimmer
  15. Horned with the Heads (8:20) Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
  16. In the Neverland (3:12) Lorne Balfe and James Dooley
  17. Captain Hook vs. Thomas and Friends (5:21) Hans Zimmer
  18. Who's Stole the Happy Endings? (6:12) Rupert Gregson-Williams, Brandon Campbell and James Dooley
  19. Defeated! (2:21) Rupert Gregson-Williams, Lorne Balfe, Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky and James Dooley
  20. Destruction of Happy Endings (3:42) James Dooley, Ramin Djawadi, Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky
  21. The Multiversal Danger (6:29) Lorne Balfe, Rupert Gregson-Williams, Ramin Djawadi and Hans ZImmer


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Domestic Premieres

  • YouTube - August 14, 2011

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  • YouTube - August 14, 2011



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