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Part 1

Narrator: One winter's night, when the cold wind blew, the engines found it hard to sleep.

Spencer: I am tried of all this blustering wind guys! It takes ages to wait for it to stop!

Gordon: Well, what can we do while we wait?

Emily: Any ideas?

Hiro: Uhhh... Uh... I got nothing.

Toby: Well, what we need is to listen to a story.

Percy: Yeah. A mysterious story.

Duck: Great idea but it must have a happy ending.

Thomas: I Know a story that you guys might like.

Henry: Oh, what is it Thomas?

Thomas: It's about me, Percy, Toby and James.

James: Is er... Edward in the story too, Thomas?

Thomas: Yes, James. He is.

Edward: Oh Joy! I always wanna be part of the story!

Thomas: You always wanted to indeed. So everyone listen.

(So everyone listened.)

Thomas: It all takes place not long ago here at Tidmouth Sheds.

(And the scene flashed back to not long ago and the Title shows Thomas the Tank Engine's Adventures of Disney's Villains Revenge)

James: Lovely night!

Percy: Err James, You know that we don't have dates right?

James: Oh well, Yeah. (Then spotted Thomas) Hey, here's Thomas!

(Thomas arrived)

Thomas: Good evening Percy, Toby, James and Edward!

Edward: Evening Thomas!

(Then Thomas showed them the special storybook)

Thomas: Hey guys! Look at this!

Percy: Oh! What is it Thomas?

Thomas: It's a special storybook of all four stories in it!

James: What are the stories?

Thomas: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Peter Pan", "Dumbo", and "Alice in Wonderland".

James: Wow! That's exciting!

Percy: We should hear a story from that book.

Toby: I would love to hear a story.

Edward: Me too.

Thomas: Well, who will tell the stories to us?

???: I can do that my friend.

James: Who said that?

???: Oh! I did.

(A mysterious cricket jumped down and landed)

Thomas: Who are you?

Jiminy Cricket: Cricket's the name! (chuckles) Jiminy Cricket!

Thomas: Oh hey Jiminy! I'm Thomas.

James: I'm James.

Percy: I'm Percy.

Toby: I'm Toby.

Edward: And I'm Edward.

Jiminy Cricket: (chuckles) Nice to meet you five. I see you have that special story. Would you guys like me to read you a story.

Thomas: Yes, please Jiminy!

(Jiminy opens the book, then begins the story and a few minutes later, Jiminy Cricket gets tired and fell fast asleep.)

Thomas: Errr, Jiminy? Psst! Jiminy Cricket, wake up!

Jiminy Cricket: Oh um... (chuckles) Pardon me. It's just that I've been reading these stories for so many years. Say, I have an idea.

(Jiminy then takes out all four happy ending pages)

Thomas: What's he doing?

Jiminy Cricket: I'll take out each of the happy ending pages. Then you can guess which story to put them back into. (chuckles) Sort of like a game.

(All four happy ending pages landed on the table)

Toby: Well that was swell.

(Edward spotted the first ending)

Edward: Oh! I found the first happy ending.

(Jiminy saw the first ending, Edward found)

Jiminy Cricket: Ah, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". Now there are happy ending for yer Edward. Snow White and the prince lived happily ever after.

(Toby spotted the second ending)

Toby: What happens in this one?

Jiminy Cricket: In the happy ending of "Dumbo", Dumbo the flying elephant is finally reunited with his mother, Mrs Dumbo.

(Percy spotted the third ending)

Percy: What happens in this happy ending, Jiminy?

Jiminy Cricket: In this happy ending, Alice travels to Wonderland but makes it back home and without losing her head.

(James spotted the fourth ending)

James: What happens in the last happy ending?

Jiminy Cricket: In the happy ending of "Peter Pan", Captain Hook is chased off by Tick tock the crocodile. Peter lives on a wisely as ever and he never ever has to grow up.

Thomas: That's all four endings from all four stories?

James: Yeah!

Thomas: Ok then. Then lets put the pages back in the... (Gasps in horror)

James: What?

(Suddenly, without warning, the book lifted into the air and then, thunder roars and the vortex opens up with The Evil Queen, The Ringmaster, The Queen of Hearts, and Captain Hook. Thomas saw the happy ending pages being lifted and the villains grabbed each of the happy endings. Thomas then grab the book and stopped it from opening up another vortex.)

James: What was that?