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Episodes for "Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427."

Season 1

  1. Dirty Objects (T'AWS&A Version)
  2. Percy's Predicament (T'AWS&A Version)
  3. Coal (T'AWS&A Version)
  4. Thomas, Percy and the Coal (T'AWS&A Version)
  5. Thomas' Train (T'AWS&A Version)
  6. James and the Express (T'AWS&A Version)
  7. Cows (T'AWS&A Version)
  8. Off the Rails (T'AWS&A Version)
  9. Percy and Harold (T'AWS&A Version)
  10. Better Late Than Never (T'AWS&A Version)
  11. Thomas' Christmas Party (T'AWS&A Version)
  12. Troublesome Trucks (T'AWS&A Version)
  13. Breakvan (T'AWS&A Version)
  14. Ghost Train (T'AWS&A Version)
  15. Thomas Goes Fishing (T'AWS&A Version)
  16. Wrong Road (T'AWS&A Version)
  17. The Flying Kipper (T'AWS&A Version)

Season 2

  1. All At Sea (T'AWS&A Version)
  2. The Trouble with Mud (T'AWS&A Version)
  3. Thomas, Percy & The Dragon (T'AWS&A Version)
  4. Rusty to the Rescue (T'AWS&A Version)
  5. Granpuff (T'AWS&A Version)
  6. Sleeping Beauty (T'AWS&A Version)
  7. Bulldog (T'AWS&A Version)
  8. You Can't Win (T'AWS&A Version)
  9. Four Little Engines (T'AWS&A Version)
  10. Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure (T'AWS&A Version)
  11. Thomas and Stepney (T'AWS&A Version)
  12. Train Stops Play (T'AWS&A Version)
  13. Bowled Out (T'AWS&A Version)
  14. Gordon and the Famous Visitor (T'AWS&A Version)
  15. Escape (T'AWS&A Version)
  16. Oliver Owns Up (T'AWS&A Version)
  17. Toad Stands By (T'AWS&A Version)

Season 3

  1. Cranky Bugs (T'AWS&A Version)
  2. Haunted Henry (T'AWS&A Version)
  3. Duncan Gets Spooked (T'AWS&A Version)
  4. Thomas and the Rumours (T'AWS&A Version)
  5. Something in the Air (T'AWS&A Version)
  6. Gordon and the Gremlin (T'AWS&A Version)
  7. Toby's Discovery (T'AWS&A Version)
  8. Stepney Gets Lost (T'AWS&A Version)
  9. Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday (T'AWS&A Version)
  10. Snow (T'AWS&A Version)
  11. Lady Hatt's Birthday Party (T'AWS&A Version)
  12. Baa! (T'AWS&A Version)
  13. A Surprise for Percy (T'AWS&A Version)
  14. Busy Going Backwards (T'AWS&A Version)
  15. Oliver's Find (T'AWS&A Version)
  16. Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach (T'AWS&A Version)
  17. Happy Ever After (T'AWS&A Version)

Season 4

  1. TBA
  2. TBA
  3. TBA
  4. TBA
  5. TBA