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Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427 LIVE is a live stage show produced by Ackley Attack Theatricals based on the show with the same name under license from Ackley Attack TV and SamTheThomasFan1 Productions which will be touring soon.

On ("Insert Date Here"), Ackley Attack Theatricals launched Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427 LIVE at ("Insert Theatre Here") at ("Insert City/State Here"). The ninety-minute show featured all of your favorite characters from the show as well as new characters.

The show features some new and original songs written for the production, while the rest were re-worked versions of the songs from the show made to fit the characters singing them, and songs from many different Broadway and West End musicals.


Act I

During the overture, the show begins with a video projection of a girl named Madysen waking up on a beautiful morning as she, her dad and her little brother drive to the train station to let Madysen catch her train. Then her train that she was on later arrives at the harbor so she can catch her boat to Sodor, while before and during the boat trip, she then sees a pod of killer whales passing by until she can see Sodor out in the distance and wonders to herself what would it be like there. As the video projection is over, we then see the citizens of Sodor getting ready for another day of work while the other half start to wake up. Everyone is excited to hear that the Summer Sun Festival is already on it's way. As everyone left, Ben and Sam appear in the aisles as the curtains open up and they can rely on themselves to be really useful. ("One Song") Ben and Sam arrives at Tidmouth Sheds and tells Thomas that they are more than excited for the Summer Sun Festival when Sir Topham Hatt arrives and tells the three that Madysen will be coming to Sodor and they have to show her around Sodor and make her feel welcome. Thomas, Ben and Sam agreed and Ben thinks that she thinks that she needs to find her meaning of life like he did. ("Corner of the Sky")

The three made it to Knapford Station when Madysen finally arrives. Sam was more than excited that he couldn't help but sing a little song. ("Sam's Welcome Song") Thomas, Ben and Sam showed Madysen around the island and she couldn't find it in herself that she thinks she's visiting an island filled with nothing but talking trains. ("This Strange New World") After the tour around the island, the three showed Madysen the ropes and she now knows that they know that they have experiences and she realizes that a lot like the three, she now knows she has a heart as strong as an engine and she knows that it is her destiny to become really useful. ("Hearts as Strong as Engines") Sir Topham Hatt arrives and he is quite impressed that Thomas, Ben and Sam is helping Madysen on her first day and he assigns Ben to run the shop at Knapford Station while the shop's manager is sick.

Meanwhile, in an old abandoned warehouse in an town off the shores of England a few miles away from The Island of Sodor, a rebellious group called The Rebels, led by Vincent Lightning, has came back and told him that they are done causing trouble in Manchester without getting caught and Vincent is impressed and will be happy when he takes over the entire United Kingdom. ("It Will All Be Mine") Then, he learns from her new girlfriend, Mimi Thunder that her ex-girlfriend, Madysen is on the Island of Sodor helping out with more work with the talking trains. Vincent suddenly realizes that he doesn't know or not if Madysen would be an acceptation to the rules. ("The Hammer") He then agrees to what Mimi told him and decided to go to the island and cause trouble there. Back on Sodor, Ben worked his butt off at the shop at Knapford Station and with the customers finally gone, he got the job done. ("Art of the Shop") Madysen and Sam arrived to see Ben exhausted from the work when Sir Topham Hatt arrived and tells Madysen that it is important for her to become really useful. ("You'll See") She agrees and Sam decided that she'll meet the other at their hangout place, but the one thing Ben has to do is go and meet up with Cheyenne.

Ben arrived at Cheyenne's apartment and she tells him that her microphone and her sound equipment is broken and she wants Ben to fix it. He does so and she suddenly realizes of how her life is different from Ben until they go under a musical number while tango music plays in the background. ("Tango: Cheyenne") After the job is done, Ben and Cheyenne goes to their hangout place to find not only Sam and Madysen, but the rest of the engines there along with Jon, David, Andrew, Nicholas, Robert, Grant and Zander. Ben and Sam introduced Madysen to the others and they are very happy to meet her until they can't help but rock 'n' roll for their favorite tune. ("Don't Stop, Stop the Music!") After everyone leaves to go back to work, Cheyenne is clearly cross to find that a note left to her from the stationmaster that she's getting far too behind. In response, she says, "Oh, yeah? That's what you think!" Jon hears and asks why Cheyenne is telling him that. It quickly becomes Cheyenne's new "philosophy", and she bursts into song about her philosophies. Jon, after failing to explain to her how philosophies work, leaves in bafflement while Cheyenne continues. ("My New Philosophy")

After a whole day of work is done, Ben found an old picture of her younger with the Rebels and he wonders why Madysen was with them. She then tells him and Thomas her story about her mother and father were an acrobat and escapologist who have her when she was little. Due to their disappointment of not getting another child so that way, Madysen will not be the only child, they announced to the world's press that they will preform an exciting and dangerous new act. The acrobat's brother, a former world champion hammer-thrower who likes to bully almost everyone in town, has arranged the performance. The escapologist announced that the performance has been cancelled because the acrobat is pregnant. The crowd is thrilled and a young Madysen is happy to hear that she won't be the only child anymore, but the acrobat's brother is furious at the prospect of cancelling the performance and produces a contract binding them to preform the act or they'll go to prison. Bound by their contract, they preform their feat, which goes well until the last moment when the acrobat is injured, living long enough to give birth to a boy. A young Madysen finally found a boyfriend four years later (which will later be Vincent Lightning). Unknown to the escapologist, her boyfriend led his group which caused trouble throughout town, forcing Madysen to preform menial tasks. Ben tells Madysen that even though that she has no direction from her past, he inspires her to find her meaning of life. ("Everything Changes") Madysen understands and when Ben and Thomas got back to Tidmouth Sheds and wishes her a goodnight, she couldn't help but sing to herself, hoping to herself that she would find her meaning of life and let go of the past. ("Out Tonight") Vincent, Mimi and the rest of the gang arrived on Sodor and decided to cause trouble around it and everyone will think that Madysen did all of it and Sir Topham Hatt will send her away.

The next morning, on the day of the Summer Sun Festival, Ben couldn't help but sing a little morning song to start it off, ("Morning in Sodor") when he finds some parts of the island were wrecked which caused confusion and delay. While he was looking around, Madysen wakes up to find the damage and she overhears from certain people that she caused all of this and decided to go into hiding around the island. Sam arrives to know what was going on, then just when Ben is about to explain what has happen, he has heard from certain people that Madysen caused all of this, then Ben and Sam were going back and forth whether or not Madysen caused all of this. ("Madysen") After the song is over, Ben and Sam have to think of a way to solve this problem when the curtain comes down for a break for intermission.

Act II

After intermission when the curtain opens, the children gather and sing about their hopes for when they grown up, when Madysen was still in hiding and Ben is trying to figure out who was causing all of this mayhem and who is trying to frame Madysen. ("When I Grow Up/Naughty")

Everyone, including the engines, gather at their hangout place and Sir Topham Hatt tells his wife, and then to the others, that if they don't clean up all of the mess, they will have to cancel the Summer Sun Festival. Until, Ben finally realized that Madysen didn't cause of this mayhem and they have to figure out to fix the situation, until they finally found the solution while singing a song. ("Helping Everyone Clean Sodor") They decided to spilt up and help every corner of the island with Ben on board Thomas and Sam on board Percy.

Thomas and Ben arrived at their first destination, which is a school dance at the schoolyard, which has been damaged. Ben decided to help everyone clean up while convincing everyone to sing a little song. ("Time to Come Together") Once everything is done, the hostess thanks Ben and Thomas for helping to clean up the entire mess and will contact Sir Topham Hatt about their help. Meanwhile, Percy and Sam suddenly found Ranger Will in the woods with a bunch of campers. They asked what was going on, then Ranger Will said that they have found a bunch of ghosts hanging from the trees and almost everyone is terrified about it. Sam decided to stop them by giggling at them. ("Giggle at the Ghosties") Everyone else does so, when they found out that the ghost were dummies to make it look like ghosts. Ranger Will thanks them for helping and continued on with Percy and Sam to their next destination. Two of the rebels explained to Vincent about Ben, Sam, Thomas and Percy fixing the mess that they have made, so he decided to let two of the rebels try to stop them while the others cause more trouble. Madysen overheard what they are doing and has no idea what to do, that is until the ghost of Ben and Sam encourages her to be brave and Madysen decided to stop going into hiding and try to stop them. ("I've Got to Find a Way/Let It Go")

Meanwhile, Ben and Thomas arrived to Farmer TJ Apple's farm where they found him and his entire family's barn destroyed. Ben got them into a musical style, (hoedown style) and fixed and raised the barn back together. ("Raise This Barn") After everything is done, Thomas and Ben begin to set off when they find a cloaked figure running through. Ben follows him to an old abandoned factory where he finally founds him and chased him and swinging on ropes almost above the audience, finally capturing him revealing to be Vincent. He told Ben that Madysen will never run away forever and Ben begins to struggle why, until he finally snaps out of it and continues on with Thomas. Meanwhile, Percy and Sam finally arrive at a Wood Stacking Competition to discover that the wood stacked up into a pyramid has been destroyed. The Contest Hostess tells Sam that two of the Rebels has used axes to knock it over and then, set the rest of the wood on fire during the night. Sam decided to rebuild the wood pyramid while Percy and the competitors watch him encouraging him to continue on. ("Sam!") As Percy and Sam continue on after the job is done, two of the Rebels set up a trap where they put sneezing powder all over the ground and when Harold passes by, they will be covered in sneezing powder. Percy and Sam passed by the trap, but didn't work, until Harold passes by and covered two of the Rebels in sneezing power instead of Percy and Sam. Meanwhile, Ben and Thomas found the Stationmaster with Mavis trying to move the trucks that has blocked Gordon's express way and feel that they should give up, but Thomas and Ben decided to help and encourages them to not give up. ("Determination") They have finally got the job done and set out, then Ben realizes of how the Island of Sodor has become home to almost everyone and they know of how magical it can be. ("The Island Song")

Back with The Rebels, Vincent is set for the final phase of their plan to cause confusion and delay on Sodor, ("It Will All Be Mine (Reprise)") until Madysen comes storming in and tells Vincent to stop all of this, but Vincent got angry and smacks Madysen in the face and left her alone which causes her to go into an angry rage. ("Madysen's Angry Dance") She laid on the ground crying her eyes out, when Thomas and Ben found Madysen crying for help and they rush over to comfort her. Madysen then told Ben that she knows everything about what was going on and she won't be anywhere without him. ("Side by Side") Finally discovering what she remembered when she was a little girl, she continued her story of the acrobat and the escapologist. After months of cruelty, she broke up with her boyfriend which caused his rage to grow and beats her younger self and locks her up in the cellar and goes out to get his gang to take her away. That evening, the escapologist and his son returns home early and discovers the extent of her ex-boyfriend's cruelty. As he comforts young Madysen, he promises her and her brother they will always be there for her. Filled with rage, her ex-boyfriend and his gang ran out away from town and never came back ever again. Ben suddenly realized that Vincent was her boyfriend in her past and the story was true. So, Thomas and Ben decided to continue on and try to stop the Rebels while Madysen joins in. One by one, Madysen has fixed and cleaned up the mess until the job is done and they return to Tidmouth Sheds in delight. ("A True, True Friend")

Once they got the job done and happy that everything on the island is fixed, Sam, Percy and the rest of the group arrived and welcome backed Madysen from being missing. Sir Topham Hatt then arrives and Madysen plucked up her courage and told him about what was going on. Sir Topham Hatt believed Madysen, then they came up with a plan to stop The Rebels. Vincent, Mimi and the Rebels arrived at Tidmouth Sheds when they found Madysen with Ben, Sam and the gang there, then Sir Topham Hatt popped out and decided to send them away, but the only problem is that if the Rebels go, so does Madysen. They try to explain on a marker board, but they discovered that the board has been erased and the reasons why are gone. As soon as they try to figure out who did it, Ben suddenly goes Matilda on them and writes a message on the board with his mind to trick the rebels that it was Madysen's mother's ghost to send them away. With so much fear from them, Vincent, Mimi and the Rebels are sent away and Ben, Sam, Madysen and the gang celebrate their freedom. ("Revolting Engines")

With the Rebels gone, Sir Topham Hatt is very happy to hear that the Summer Sun Festival is back on and they then get Tidmouth Sheds decorated for the festival. ("Time to Come Together (Reprise)") Once the job is done, Sir Topham Hatt is very pleased with all the hard work and the Summer Sun Festival party has begun. He then comes to Madysen and tells her something that she doesn't know. Ben and Sam suddenly explained to her that while she was cleaning up the island, she has done the five elements that everyone else has done to become really useful: honestly, kindness, laughter, generosity and loyalty. So, Madysen comes to a realization what they are trying to say, and Sir Topham Hatt told her that she has become really useful. ("Sodor's Ballad") Right after she was proud to be called really useful, Madysen's father (The Escapologist) and her young brother arrived and asks Madysen to come home, but she told her father that she has gotten to know everyone and he decided that instead of going home with her family, Madysen's father told Sir Topham Hatt that she will stay behind and help out everyone on Sodor. They celebrate by continuing with the party and by singing a song about never letting go the magic of friendship. ("A True, True Friend (Reprise)")

When the day comes to an end, the party starts to come to a close by song and the sun starts to set, Ben, Sam, Madysen and Thomas watched the sun set and they will be ready for what lies ahead next. ("Finale Ultimo")


For a full transcript of Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427 LIVE, click here.


Act I

  • Overture
  • One Song
  • Corner of the Sky
  • Sam's Welcome Song
  • This Strange New World
  • Hearts as Strong as Engines
  • It Will All Be Mine
  • The Hammer
  • Art of the Shop
  • You'll See
  • Tango: Cheyenne
  • Don't Stop, Stop the Music!
  • My New Philosophy
  • Everything Changes
  • Out Tonight
  • Morning in Sodor
  • Madysen

Act II

  • When I Grow Up/Naughty
  • Helping Everyone Clean Sodor
  • Time to Come Together
  • Giggle at the Ghosties
  • I've Got to Find a Way/Let It Go
  • Raise This Barn
  • Sam!
  • Determination
  • The Island Song
  • It Will All Be Mine (Reprise)
  • Madysen's Angry Dance
  • Side by Side
  • A True, True Friend
  • Revolting Engines
  • Time to Come Together (Reprise)
  • Sodor's Ballad
  • A True, True Friend (Reprise)
  • Finale Ultimo

Pre-show, Intermission, and Post-show

  • Thomas, You're The Leader
  • Really Useful Engine
  • Night Train
  • Determination
  • Babs Train
  • Revolting Engines
  • Jolly Holiday
  • Boo, Boo, Choo, Choo!
  • Corner of the Sky
  • The Adventures Must Go On


Memorable Quotes

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Background Information

  • This is the first live show of the series.
  • This stage show takes place right before the settings of the full-length feature film, "The Origins of Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427."
  • Almost all of the vocals for the songs are changed, while others were kept.
  • Jack, The Yard Manager, Stephen and Bridget Hatt, Jem Cole, Mrs. Kyndley, Farmer McColl, Salty, Bertie and Harold serve cameos during the stage show, while Trevor served a non-speaking cameo in the show and Lady Hatt and The Acrobat's Brother are heard, but not seen.


Production Information

  • From the official Ackley Attack TV announcement on facebook:
"Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427" Reaches New Heights, Revealing Inspiration for Stage Show!
The Sodor Gang Comes to Life to Bring Ultimate Live Stage Show to Everyone Across the Country and Beyond
MCGRAW, NY., April 2, 2014 -- The magic of Sodor becomes even stronger! Ackley Attack TV and SamTheThomasFan1 Productions' gem, the critically acclaimed "Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427," Ackley Attack TV's #1 series among kids and adults ages 9 and older for over 1 year running, has reached a new pinnacle by inspiring an exciting live touring stage show which will play in many different cities starting with a New York State Tour, then across the country if it's successful.
Produced by Ackley Attack Theatricals, Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427 LIVE, brings Thomas, Ben, Sam, Percy, Toby, James, Gordon, Henry and friends to the stage as they tells the story of how Madysen came to the Island of Sodor before the settings of the upcoming movie, "The Origins of Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427," but a rebellious gang called The Rebels wants to cause confusion and delay and it's up to Thomas, Ben, Sam and the others to help Madysen let go of her past and save the Summer Sun Festival and The Island of Sodor in general.
"Ackley Attack TV and SamTheThomasFan1 Productions has created an extraordinary popular series that offers humor for multiple generations and we are thrilled that Ackley Attack Theatricals is bringing 'Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427' to the stage for the very first time ever," said Producer Ben Ackley. "The dynamic characters, witty humor and inspired music from the show set perfect foundation for Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427 LIVE! to create an unparalleled experience for audiences...and perhaps a Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427 LIVE JR. for many different schools across the country in the future."
"We are filled with a great sense of pride over this upcoming stage show and are especially thrilled with achievements of the creative team of Ackley Attack Theatricals which has produced a smart, interesting and funny stage show, that extends the characters, stories and comedy that are at the heart of what they are now," said "Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427" creator Sam Tindal.
Audiences will be whisked on a high-energy ride that is part action adventure and part Broadway musical, while they move it and shake it to a soundtrack of hit songs from the show and new songs for the stage show, including "Corner of the Sky," "My New Philosophy," "Determination," "The Island of Sodor," "Time to Come Together," "A True, True Friend," and "Revolting Engines." Familiar songs and new songs serve as a main ingredient in the plot, advancing the story from scene to scene, while taking on a whole new feel when fused with fresh, original choreography and inventive special effects.


  • TBA (Month/Day/Year-Month/Day/Year)

Show Dates

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Available merchandise that appears to be exclusive to the tour includes:

  • Tour Program (with free compass backpack clip).
  • On-site photos with Thomas monument with Ben and Sam standees, Ben and Sam against a backdrop of Tidmouth Sheds
  • Mug for snow cones with Thomas with Ben and Sam for the cover
  • Mug for snow cones with Thomas, Percy and Toby on the sides
  • Thomas whistle
  • Hats:
    • Toby Hat with a Yellow Foam Bell
    • Green fedora with Percy embroidered on the backside kit
    • Thomas baseball cap with the Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427 logo in left side
  • Sunglasses with flashing lights
  • Rotating Illuminator
  • James figure with sound effects
  • Light stick
  • Sign featuring Thomas, Percy, Toby, Ben Ackley, Sam Tindal and Madysen and the phrase, "Little Engines Can Do BIG Things!"
  • 4½" "twirl pop" with a Henry sticker on the plastic covering
  • Plushies (Small and Medium) of Thomas, Percy, Ben Ackley and Sam Tindal
  • Child and Adult Sized T-shirts (Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large):
    • Ben Ackley and Sam Tindal "Let's Rock" shirt
    • Thomas the Tank Engine "Really Useful Engine" shirt
    • Percy standing in front of a spiral design
    • Tour poster shirt
    • Gordon, James and Henry standing in front of a pattern with various circles in it
  • Sir Topham Hatt felt pennet
  • An autograph book with clip-on pen
  • A pillow with Toby's picture on a brown background with orange asterisks
  • Tour poster
  • Thomas, Percy and Toby figures
  • An invisible and revealing pen with a magnifying glass in a tin lunchbox
  • Light-up tambourine and cup
  • Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427 LIVE Soundtrack
  • Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427 LIVE DVD w/ Cast Commentary and Behind-the-Scenes Clips


Main Article: Thomas' Adventures with SamTheThomasFan1 & Ackleyattack4427 LIVE/Actors

Production Team

  • Ben Ackley and Sam Tindal - Producers
  • TBA - Director
  • TBA - Choreographer
  • Ben Ackley - Writer
  • TBA - Composer/Lyricist
  • TBA - Scenic Designer
  • TBA - Costume Designer
  • TBA - Lighting Designer
  • TBA - Projection Designer
  • TBA - Music Director
  • TBA - Gymnastic Coach
  • TBA - Acrobatic Choreographer
  • TBA - Company Manager
  • TBA - Stage Manager
  • TBA - Performance Director


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