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Thomas' Bad Luck is the third episode to Season 1 to Trainboy54's series to have ever hit Youtube, "TOMY/Trackmaster T&F". Phineas and Ferb the newest engines arrive on the Island of Sodor, But Thomas is having bad luck. The Paint Machine at Sodor Steamworks has switched his blue paint with a gothic black paint by mistake. also introducing Diesel, Cranky and Victor in this episode too, also the first voice appearance featuring Dcolemanh as Percy.

Episode Summary

Suddenly few newest members to the Island of Sodor arrive on their first day, as they arrive into Knapford Station and Sir Topham Hatt and the other engines greet them, their names are Phineas Flynn a Tank Engine and Ferb Fletcher a Saddle Tank Engine from Danville their hometown, to help with shunting work for Devious Diesel, Phineas is proud to see what Sodor was like, James is first to introduce himself to Phineas and Ferb. then it is Edward, Gordon, Percy, as Phineas is proud to meet them all and he also introduces him to Ferb his step brother, as he is welcome to call him 'Ferb Bert' if they wished, suddenly as Thomas puffs into Knapford looking very sad and covered in black paint now into a Gothic looking engine from smoke box to cab, as James and the other engines and the new engines Phineas and Ferb and Sir Topham Hatt gasp, Gordon is surprised, and Percy at his friend, asks what happened to Thomas, Thomas tells them what happened to him in a total disaster, as Phineas wonders what happened to Thomas's blue paint, Thomas tells them, as it involved something being wrong with the paint machine at the Sodor Steamworks as switching his paint as a result into black instead of blue, almost looking like Devious Diesel and Mavis and of course most likely Vanessa, but now like a Devious Steam Engine, James understands he can see it, so can Edward, Sir Topham Hatt then of course wonders why, then something comes to Sir Topham Hatt's mind as he tells Phineas and Ferb his first job is to help Devious Diesel at the yards, as both Phineas, Ferb and Diesel will work with Vanessa, James tells that Vanessa was the first engine to the series, Ferb want's to visit his (possible girlfriend Vanessa) as Ferb says it was nice to meet the five, as both the new engines Phineas and Ferb head to the yards,

As Phineas and Ferb arrive into the yards they are welcomed by Vanessa the Gothic Tank Engine, and Devious Diesel, Diesel demands to know whom they are, and Vanessa is proud to see them, Ferb is happy to see his girl whom he likes, that Vanessa was looking forward to seeing them again, Phineas asks her how life is on Sodor, as she replies, "I've been good thank you." as Ferb asks if it is Diesel, as Vanessa tells Ferb how polite Thomas was to Vanessa, Ferb was a little jealous to hear this, but Vanessa tells Phineas and Ferb how he saved her and that they could have been their to see them, as Diesel says she almost had an accident with fright cars, as both Phineas and Ferb and Diesel where amazed to hear how Thomas and Vanessa got on quite well, he is happy how steamy's where to Diesels, as Ferb says the same, Diesel asks if Phineas and Ferb would like to help out in the yards with Vanessa, as it was packed with lots of waiting fright cars, Ferb is surprised to see so many fright cars, which they are going to help,

Meanwhile as all the engines went away for work The Fat Controller is talking to Thomas and could see how sad he was in Gothic looks, he tries to cheer him up but can't help it, as he thinks what would happen if all engines saw him like that, that he just won't know until he would find out soon enough, as The Fat Controller orders Thomas to have three jobs for him, as he must collect Milk from the Dairy take them to the Farms, and also pick up Gravel to the quarry and Brendam Docks, also to collect workers from Brendam Docks to bring them to the Sodor Steamworks in order to fix the paint machine their, Thomas announces he will do his very best, then later first he collects the Milk Jerne's and the way to the Farm,

Meanwhile in the railway yards Vanessa, Diesel, Phineas and Ferb work hard in the yards, as to get the shunting completed on time, they marshal the lines of fright cars, then as they work hard, Diesel starts to grow a like to them and the best part was he likes what Vanessa was going to do to some trucks, (meaning she will give them a mighty biff) and says, "Take that silly fright cars!" and one of them screams in agony, later onwards Phineas and Ferb start to realize how trucks are troublesome,

Later as Thomas comes to a junction he meets Duck, whom is surprised to see him in Gothic Black Paint, and he loves the new paint, as Thomas really want's his old paint back, and he races away from Duck so no one can know this, he comes to another junction later and meets Spencer the LNER A4 Pacific, he asks why Thomas went Goth and that he loves his new paint, and Thomas still doesn't want black paint, and he want's his old blue paint back, again he races away from Spencer again not wanting him to know this as meaning if Vanessa saw this he thinks that she will not like him anymore, as he arrives at the Dairy he feels upset and doesn't want to see anyone in his black Goth paint, as Thomas feels more worse than ever, he thinks what Vanessa will say if she sees this, meaning she might make fun of him, Thomas reaches the quarry later to collect the gravel, and soon on his way to the docks, later arriving at Brendam Docks, Cranky looks down at Thomas, he asks why Thomas has gone Goth and loves the new paint, and still Thomas doesn't want black paint and still wants his old paint back, and Thomas pumps his pistons away to sadly to collect Annie and Clarabelle to pickup the workmen, and he races away to the Sodor Steamworks, both his coaches feel sorry that he is in a bad mood, sad if you ask me, and it was because he was Goth that made Thomas feel better,

Meanwhile at the Railway Yards, the shunting is done thanks to Vanessa, Diesel, Phineas and Ferb, as Phineas asks what Sir Topham Hatt will say about this as he was soon to find out, he was pleased, Sir Topham Hatt thanks both Vanessa, Diesel, Phineas and Ferb, but soon finds Diesel not feeling too good, both Vanessa, Phineas and Ferb look at Diesel, as Diesel's engine made nasty black smoke and his engine leaked, and still thanking Vanessa, Phineas and Ferb that they are Really Useful Engines, including Diesel, Phineas is happy what Sir Topham Hatt said, as The Fat Controller tells Phineas that Diesel maybe heavy and needs three engines to take him to the Steamworks, meaning Vanessa is light and Diesel is too heavy to take him with her, so Phineas and Ferb have to help Diesel, as they agree to help Diesel and agree to Sir Topham Hatt, Phineas orders to move out to the Sodor Steamworks, both Vanessa, and Phineas help Diesel on the way to the Steamworks, Ferb was also the pilot helping,

Meanwhile as Thomas delivered the workmen to the Steamworks, Victor the engine who helps out at the works, is proud to see Thomas and the workmen meaning soon they will get the new paint machine fixed meaning they will have him repainted bright blue again, and Victor was correct as Thomas smiles, then Vanessa, with Phineas and Ferb help Diesel into the Steamworks as Victor was pleased to see them, Victor asks how can they be of help, as Vanessa explains Diesel is needed to have his engine fixed, as meaning he will be back on his feet in no time at all, after Diesel had his engine fixed later on Vanessa tells Victor how responsible he was to Thomas, as Victor is very amazed, Victor tells them Thomas is at the Steamworks, to fix the paint machine,

Later as Thomas now back in his blue livery of the NWR on Sir Topham Hatt's railway, Is happy to have his old coat back as he puffs off to find Victor and suddenly he gasps, and sees it is Vanessa, Diesel, Phineas and Ferb are their, Thomas realized he is doomed if she knows he was in black paint meaning he should pretend not to hear and Thomas rolls up to Diesel, and then Vanessa asks what he is doing here, Ferb breaks out something about his Gothic paint, Vanessa and Diesel where surprised as Ferb tells Vanessa what happened to Thomas, Vanessa is happy for him, and she wonders if he is ok, Thomas feels embarrassed, he thinks now his life is over and doomed that no one will ever forgive him, Diesel asks what he means, if Vanessa found out Thomas was in Gothic black paint, she would have made fun of him, Vanessa forgives Thomas that she wouldn't make fun of him after all, Thomas is pleased, as Vanessa tells the time she and Candace had their clothes switched by accident, she looked like a walking cake cake while Candace thinks she was a total freak, or an outsider, after telling the story, Thomas stairs, and a goofy face, Phineas asks if he is ok, Thomas tells Phineas and the others he needs a moment not to laugh in front of Vanessa, and he cracks and laughs out loud and falls off the rails, and soon returns to them as Thomas says he is good for now, Ferb asks Thomas what it was back their, and Vanessa asks why he laughed, as Thomas says why they where even, Vanessa blushes, as Thomas has another laugh, with Victor, Diesel, Phineas, Ferb, and Vanessa laughed all day long, though as such Phineas and Ferb are now the newest members of the Island of Sodor,