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Thomas' Train Title Card

Narrator: Thomas the Tank Engine was grumbling to the other engines.

Thomas: I spend my time pulling coaches about ready for you to take on long journeys!

Narrator: The other engines laughed.

Thomas: Why can't I pull important trains too?

Engines: You're too impatient! You're sure to leave something behind!

Thomas: Rubbish. I'll show you!

Narrator: One night, Sam, Ben, Thomas and Henry were alone. Henry was ill. The men worked hard but he didn't get better. He felt just as bad next morning. Henry usually pulled the first train and Thomas had to get his coaches ready.

Sam: Ben, I'm goanna stay here with Henry to make him feel better! You go with Thomas!

Ben: Ok!

Thomas: If Henry is ill, perhaps I shall pull his train!

Ben: Make sure you think about this through, Thomas!

Narrator: Thomas ran to find the coaches.

Thomas: Come along! Come along!

Coaches: There's plenty of time! There's plenty of time!

Narrator: Thomas bought the coaches to the platform, and wanted to run round in front at once, but Ben wouldn't let him.

Ben: Don't be so impatient, Thomas! Wait for everything to get ready!

Narrator: Thomas waited and waited. The people got in, the guard and the stationmaster walked up and down. The porter banged the doors, and still Henry didn't come. Thomas got more and more excited.

Ben: Uh oh!

(Ben's phone rings. Ben picks it up)

Ben: Sam?

Sam: Ben, we have a problem! Henry's still too ill to pull his train! You'll have to make other arrangements!

Ben: OK I'll see what I can do!

(Ben hangs up)

Thomas: Who was that, Ben?

Ben: It was Sam! It turns out Henry's still too ill to pull his train!

Thomas: Oh goody!

Ben: Don't take this the wrong way Thomas! This doesn't mean you get to pull the train!

Narrator: The Fat Controller came to see what was the matter, and Ben told him about Henry.

The Fat Controller: Find another engine!

Ben: There's only Thomas, Sir! But I don't think he's...

The Fat Controller: You'll have to do it then Thomas. Be quick now!

Narrator: So Thomas ran round and backed down on the coaches ready to start.

Ben: Remember what I told you, Thomas! Wait until everything is ready!

Narrator: But Thomas was too excited to listen. What happened then, no-one knows. Perhaps they forgot to couple Thomas to the train or perhaps the driver pulled the lever by mistake. Anyhow, Thomas started. When they passed the first signal box, men waved and shouted but he didn't stop. At that moment, Henry puffed into the platform with Sam feeling much better.

Henry: Oh good! My train is ready!

Narrator: But Sam was concerned. Thomas and Ben weren't at the station.

Sam: Oh no! Thomas must have left the coaches behind. We better go after them. Come on Henry!

Narrator: And off they went. Meanwhile, Thomas and Ben were steaming through the countryside.

Thomas: They're waving because I'm such a splendid engine!

Song: Navigation

Thomas: Henry says it's hard to pull trains, but I think it's easy!

Ben: Slow down, Thomas! We're not running a race!

Thomas: Hurry, hurry, hurry! People have never seen me pulling a train before! It's nice of them to wave!

Narrator: And Thomas whistled.

Thomas: Peep peep! Thank you!

Narrator: Then they came to a signal at danger.

Ben: That could be trouble!

Thomas: Bother! I must stop and I was going so nicely too! What a nuisance signals are!

Narrator: Thomas blew an angry "peep peep" on his whistle. Sam and Henry came up from behind.

Ben: Sam? Henry? What are you doing here?

Sam: Ben, we've come to tell you and Thomas that...

Narrator: Just then the signalman ran up.

Signalman: Hello Thomas! What are you doing here?

Thomas: I'm pulling a train! Can't you see?

Signalman: Where are your coaches then?

Ben: What?

Narrator: Ben and Thomas looked back.

Thomas: Why bless me! If we haven't left them behind!

Signalman: Yes! You'll have to go back quickly and fetch them!

Ben: Only one problem; we don't know how to get back!

Sam: Lucky for you, Henry and I kept our trail! Just follow us and you'll get back!

Narrator: Poor Thomas was so sad he nearly cried.

Ben: Cheer up Thomas! Let's just go back quickly and try again!

Narrator: At the station, all the passengers were complaining at once. They were telling the Fat Controller what a bad railway it was. But when Thomas, Henry, Sam and Ben came back they saw how sad Thomas was and couldn't be cross.

Ben: OK Henry. Now you can pull your train!

Henry: No thanks Ben. I'll let Thomas pull it! He deserves it!

Sam: Alright but this time I'm going with him!

Narrator: Sam coupled Thomas to the train and this time he really pulled it. But for a long time afterwards, the other engines and laughed at Thomas and said; "look there's Thomas who wanted to pull a train but forgot about the coaches."