Thomas and Buford is the 1st episode of season 3. Thomas and Buford are going to race but what will happen next?

☀Thomas and Buford: Buford the New Diesel engine is rude to Thomas. Spencer tells Thomas to Challenge Buford to a race to take place later today. All of the engines gather at Knapford to wish Thomas good luck. Thomas and Buford are coupled to their heavy freight cars and Edward whistles to announce the start of the race. Buford raced ahead, But Thomas couldn’t go on with a heavy load. He leaves half the cars at Welsworth and goes on. At Knapford, he shunts the rest of the cars in a siding before Buford arrives. Buford asks how Thomas got here so fast. Thomas explains that the cars had broken away and he didn’t know where they are. Buford knew Thomas was a blue clown. Thomas was cross he puffed back to Tidmouth sheds. When he approached Welsworth he saw Candace trying to drop off the passengers but the cars were in the way. Duck pulling Annie and Clarabel couldn’t get past Candace, and Buford with a few vans couldn’t get past Duck. Sir Topham Hatt showed up in Spencer asking what’s going on. Thomas felt terrible. He told Sir Topham Hatt about the race with Buford. Spencer told Sir Topham Hatt what he had done. Sir Topham Hatt scold Thomas and Spencer and spoke severely to Buford. Buford apologizes to Thomas. Thomas moved the cars out of the way so that Candace can drop off her passengers and Duck and Buford can get passed. Thomas told his friends Percy and Toby about what had happened today. Spencer and Buford arrived. Spencer apologizes to Thomas about his idea. Thomas accepts it. Thomas and Buford are even friends.

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