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Thomas and Vanessa

Thomas tells The Fat Controller about Vanessa.

is the first episode to Season 1 to Trainboy54's series to ever hit Youtube, "TOMY/Trackmaster T&F". A new engine to the Island of Sodor arrives and is named Vanessa Doofenshmirtz a Gothic Tank Engine in black from Phineas and Ferb, whom is introduced to the other engines, Thomas develops feelings on Vanessa but he can't tell her how he feels and wants to, Find out in the all-new adventure of "TOMY/Trackmaster T&F".

Episode Plot

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz the Gothic Tank Engine whom the newest engine to the Island of Sodor arrives at Tidmouth sheds, and Sir Topham Hatt introduces him to the other engines, first beginning with (Percy) (Toby) (Emily) (Henry) (Gordon) (James) and (Edward) too, Vanessa eyes Thomas, while he likes her eyes, she loves what Thomas told to her, The Fat Controller gives her a job which includes Shunting Coaches for the other engines, while Percy and Toby where going to show her what to do, during the rest of the day both Percy and Toby showed the roads that Vanessa needs to shunt the coaches, also includes Thomas's coaches Annie & Clarabelle, as well as Gordon's express coaches, red coaches, Henrietta, whom is Toby's coach, and also Spencer's private carriage, with Vanessa's help all the trains ran on time,

Later during the night Vanessa arrives at Tidmouth Sheds to see all but except Thomas was not among them fast asleep, Vanessa still determined to know why asks Percy, who tells her he had to sleep somewhere else allowing Vanessa to sleep in the sheds with the engines meaning Thomas wouldn't mind that at all, as Vanessa goes to sleep with the other engines, Thomas also watched far away from Tidmouth Sheds seeing the whole thing, so Thomas does feel somehow sad, he goes to Knapford Station to sleep their where it is warm, almost going to sleep, The Fat Controller or Sir Topham Hatt arrives, he asks why he is here, as Thomas explains this, seeing this, Thomas mentions he almost had a crush on Vanessa since she came to Sodor that is, Sir Topham Hatt ensures things will be different tomorrow,

During the next day she is busy shunting Gordon's coaches into Knapford, Sir Topham Hatt sees Vanessa and tells her that this afternoon she must learn how to look after fright cars, like the narrator George Colin says, 'Every wise engine knows, that you cannot trust Fright Cars,' as Edward shunts them into the yard next to Vanessa as the engines tried to warn her, Vanessa took no notice, both Edward and James come up to her, Vanessa explains she will manage by herself, Edward feels that is the wrong discussion, but James says that they must work small and on their way out, Vanessa pulls loaded fright cars to a siding, and pushing empty's to shoots, then she comes back to pick the loaded up but where feeling comfy and don't want to go, One of the Troublesome Trucks complains, and a Second demands for a prober engine, but calling her a racist bigot name that the second truck calls her by her Gothic looks, Vanessa tries to convince the trucks no nonsense but the back truck teases and says 'Will give her nonsense.' as she didn't hear anything, suddenly they push her forward, Vanessa feels it isn't good and she tries to slam on her breaks in order to stop the trucks, as they force her on an on, Vanessa calls a cry for help, then Thomas was luckily nearby to a siding, where he will quickly prepare himself for a bump, meanwhile the cars or Trucks (in English we call) grow tired and just about to close in towards Thomas, Vanessa knew it would be the end of her, but she shuts her eyes, and Thomas suddenly saves her and the trucks before all is too late, as Thomas and Vanessa open their eyes, the cars they see didn't come off the track nether did Vanessa and Thomas, Vanessa thanks Thomas for saving her life and she owes him one, Thomas feels happy,

Later during the evening Sir Topham Hatt arrives at Tidmouth Sheds to see Vanessa and the engines, The Fat Controller is pleased by Thomas saving Vanessa from a close accident, which she almost had today, Thomas thanks Sir Topham Hatt, Vanessa explains it was her fault that she should have listened to Edwards Advise, The Fat Controller explains that now Vanessa knows the damage cars could do, Vanessa now knows this, Then Sir Topham Hatt turns to Thomas, he tells him he believes he has something important to say to Vanessa, as Thomas huffs a huge puff, embarrassed in front of the engines, he tells her as Vanessa listens he tells her he almost had a crush on her and that he told his friend to ask you if you could sleep with them which is why he wanted to be responsible to Vanessa, Vanessa feels happy that Thomas was polite and respectful, and that she knew how Thomas liked her eyes and everything also saving her from a nasty accident, to that she thanks Thomas, which Thomas blushes, as all both the engines whistle, and that now Vanessa is now one of the newest members of the Sodor railway,


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Thomas and Vanessa opening

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