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Phineas and Percy tells Sir Topham Hatt what happened

is the fourth episode to Season 1 of trainboy54's series to have ever hit YouTube, "TOMY/Trackmaster T&F". Which two engines will take the guests to the barbecue, or who will not take the jobs to the barbecue and end up in Tidmouth Sheds doing nothing for next couple of hours? Find out in the all-new episode of TOMY/Trackmaster T&F.

Episode Summary

Sir Topham Hatt is throwing a barbecue and he needs an engine to take the guests there. Thomas and Ferb argue about who's better than the other.

Episode Plot

One morning at the Sodor Airport Duck and a mail coach are preparing a barbecue, and at Knapford Gordon is about to take a train to the mainland, but who wants to be really useful engines are Thomas, Percy, Phineas and Ferb, Later that day The Fat Controller or Sir Topham Hatt (as in my language I say The Fat Controller) goes to see them and has important news, he tells both Thomas, Percy and Phineas and Ferb that a barbecue is coming around teatime, meaning they are four specials that they want them to pull, Percy is to take a freight car of straw to Farmer McColl's farm to Farmer Trotter for his pegs, and Phineas is to take Thomas's coaches Annie and Clarabel around the Island for testing as he is to learn how to look after passengers, Ferb is to take coal cars to Brendam Docks, and Thomas is to take some gravel to the shunting yard, they all agree that they will do their best, mentioning that Sir Topham Hatt will reward them but only two will take the barbecue guests to the barbecue, Percy wonders whom it might be to Phineas, Phineas feels excited that he cannot wait for this, unfortunately Thomas and Ferb have a falling out and he says it will be he and Percy and not Phineas and Ferb allowed, which Thomas becomes a bigot by scolding Ferb, Ferb mentions he will finish first, as Thomas and Ferb leave Tidmouth Sheds for their work, Percy and Phineas feels sorry for them and can't help why this argument and feud has only just the beginning, and mentioning Thomas and Ferb are stuck out for the rest of the day.

Later as Ferb collects the Coal Cars to Brendam Docks, and also Thomas has collected the Gravel, and Phineas takes Annie and Clarabel, and meanwhile Percy collects the Straw to Farmer McColl's farm, instead for being stuck out for the rest of that day, ignoring both Thomas and Ferb, Percy and Phineas consider to do their jobs on time safely, Both Percy and Phineas are on the same track following each other.

Until later both Percy and Phineas arrive at Knapford Station, Percy says he did well delivering the Straw and he asks Phineas as he trusts him as his ally, as Phineas tells Percy he will manage well with Passengers, until they hear a strange American Train Whistle, and they are both shocked to hear whom it is, it is Thomas and Ferb in a race to get the carriages to take to the barbecue, Phineas is shocked as he replies "What the!" and Percy replies "Uh oh!" as Thomas and Ferb rush by and he says he will get them first, and Ferb saying he will, both Percy and Phineas are shocked as they as it look as though both Thomas and Ferb will have their biggest accident, unfortunately they do, Thomas and Ferb hit a curve while traveling too fast, and they get brain damaged after their accident meaning they lost their memories, Furious, Sir Topham Hatt demands whom is responsible, as Percy tells Sir Topham Hatt that Thomas and Ferb where having a grand fight meaning now they caused confusion and delay, The Fat Controller tells Thomas and Ferb they will not be able to take the guests because of their scraping over it and causing confusion and delay, but Sir Topham Hatt pleased by Percy and Phineas allows them to take the guests to the barbecue, they are both thanked.

Later to the Sodor Airport, Percy and Phineas take the guests to the Airport where the barbecue is, and everyone had a wonderful time, as they arrive, but not for Thomas and Ferb being sent to the steamworks for repairs by Hiro, meaning they thumped their smokeboxes real hard and lost therapy they think they are the famous comedians Abbott and Costello, but in the steamworks arguing about their age meaning Ferb is 40 years old and thinking he was in the army, mentioning Uncle Sam, meaning everybody's uncle in the army, also mentioning he is in love with a little girl who happens to be 10 years old really illegal, also saying he couldn't marry her, mentioning twice as old as that little girl, after the arguing the screen goes white and the credits end, but as mentioned it remains unknown what became of them acting like Abbott and Costello afterwards, in all likelihood they may have later gotten their memories restored and it's possible Thomas and Ferb may have apologized afterwards possibly saying sorry, though it was never mentioned in the script, maybe they possibly do get on together back as friends in the end maybe.


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