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Toad the Breakvan

Toad is a breakvan that works on the Island of Sodor and helps Oliver with his work. His two friends, Duck and Oliver also works on the line called "The Little Western." His first apperance in "Thomas & Friends: Island of Sodor Adventures" is Duck vs. S.C Ruffey. He will be voiced by Ackleyattack4427.

Early Life

  • Toad was introduced with Oliver when Douglas saved both him and Oliver from scrap at the yard where only the Diesels work.
  • Toad decided to tell Oliver to stay out of trouble from the Troublesome Trucks. But, at the end, Oliver was tricked by the freight cars and fell into the turntable well.
  • Toad also decided to tell Oliver to destory the rusty old troublesome truck, S.C. Ruffey and to show the Troublesome Trucks how tough Oliver really is.
  • Toad was always dreaming about going forwards like all the other engines do, but by default, the Troublesome Trucks had made Toad's dream come true by "accident". But he will be "Busy Going Backwards" for now.

Present Life

  • Toad has now been working with Oliver and Duck at The Little Western and he get a small shed next to Duck and Oliver's shed from nearby Knapford Station, one of the biggest stations on Sodor.
  • Most of the time, like Duck, it is just for the Great Western way.
  • Toad has been busy work with Oliver as a breakvan for when Oliver takes a freight train throughout Sodor.


  • Toad is fearless, smart, challenging, kind, and a very creative breakvan who will never give up on a fight. He can be very kind to Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Being a breakvan, he can be kind of a challenging breakvan for when Duck know what he was doing. ("Duck vs. S.C. Ruffey")
  • He also learned that he can help a friend in need. ("Thomas, Percy, and the Troublesome Trucks")
  • He can be a little bit fraglie for when he gets hit by an enigne or a freight car. ("Robot Henry")
  • Toad can also be sensitive to Edward. ("Edward and Emily")

Physical Appearance

Toad is a Great Western Breakvan built in the Great Western Railway. He is painted gray with white squares on both sides. He has been Oliver's breakvan since he and Oliver were saved from scrap by Douglas.






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