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Transcripts of Episodes for "Trainboy54's Adventures of Phineas and Ferb."

Season 1

  1. Attack of the 50 Foot Sister (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  2. Perry Lays an Egg (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  3. Run, Candace, Run (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  4. The Ballad of Badbeard (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  5. Nerdy Dancin' (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  6. Isabella and the Temple of Sap (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  7. Fireside Girl Jamboree (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  8. Lights, Candace, Action (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  9. Bad Hair Day (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  10. Candace Gets Busted (trainboy54's version)/Transcript

Season 2

  1. Candace Disconnected (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  2. Oh, There You Are, Perry (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  3. I, Brobot (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  4. De Plane! De Plane! (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  5. Vanessassary Roughness (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  6. Let's Take a Quiz (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  7. Cheer Up, Candace (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  8. The Baljeatles (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  9. Escape from Phineas Tower (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  10. The Curse of Candace (trainboy54's version)/Transcript

Season 3

  1. The Great Indoors (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  2. Phineas and Ferb Interrupted (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  3. The Lake Nose Monster (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  4. Gaming The System (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  5. No More Bunny Business (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  6. Atlantis (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  7. Put That Putter Away (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  8. The Best Lazy Day Ever (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  9. Bowl-R-Ama Drama (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  10. The Lemonade Stand (trainboy54's version)/Transcript

Season 4

  1. Interview with a Platypus (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  2. Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  3. Meatloaf Surprise (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  4. Ferb Latin (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  5. Mom's Birthday (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  6. Canderemy (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  7. Thaddeus and Thor (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  8. Chez Platypus (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  9. At the Car Wash (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  10. Gi-Ants (trainboy54's version)/Transcript

Season 5

  1. Make Play (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  2. Bully Bromance Breakup (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  3. Backyard Aquarium (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  4. Unfair Science Fair (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  5. That's the Spirit! (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  6. Bullseye! (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  7. It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  8. That Sinking Feeling (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  9. Unfair Science Fair Redux (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  10. The Chronicles of Meap (trainboy54's version)/Transcript

Season 6

  1. Are You My Mummy? (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  2. Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  3. Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat? (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  4. Last Train to Bustville (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  5. Sci-Fi Pie Fly (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  6. Monster from the Id (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  7. Toy to The World (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  8. Jon's Big Day/Transcript
  9. Trainboy Confidential/Transcript
  10. Out to Launch (trainboy54's version)/Transcript

Season 7

  1. I Scream, You Scream (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  2. Oil on Jon/Transcript
  3. Hide and Seek (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  4. Boyfriend from 27,000 B.C. (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  5. The Monster of Phineas and Ferbenstein (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  6. Ask a Foolish Question (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  7. Candace Loses Her Head (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  8. Moon Farm (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  9. Hail Doofania! (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  10. Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face! (trainboy54's version)/Transcript

Season 8

  1. Robot Rodeo (trainboy54's version)/Transcript
  2. The Lizard Whisperer (trainboy54's version)/Transcript