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Captain Hook preparing to sword-fight

What Do You do with a Scurvy Pirate? is a song from "Thomas' Adventures of Disney's Villains Revenge", sung by Percy, James, Edward, and Unknown Kid Singers where Thomas sword-fights against Captain Hook, but he was defeated, so James sword-fights against Captain Hook to save Peter Pan.


James: What do you do with a scurvy captain?

Edward: Raise his ship and then hot wire him.

Percy: What do you do with a scurvy, captain?

James: Drive him off the plank!

I'll raise his scurvy pirate ship, and make him walk the plank.

We'll save the boy who refuses to grow up, and restore that happy ending.

What do you do with a scurvy captain?

Strike him on a chest with a sword? No!

What do you do with a scurvy captain? I drive him off the plank!

Background Information



  • This song is based on The Backyardagains episode, "Pirate Treasure."

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